Importance of Natural Resources

Cabot Institute for the Environment: Many minds, one mission

There’ll be 80 million more people on
the planet per year. How do we provide clean and sustainable water for those
people? How do we provide them with homes that are resilient to natural hazards?
How do we provide them with energy? Whether it’s from glaciologists like me,
to historians working with seismologists, I think as a community of
researchers, as global citizens working in partnership with people in government,
business and industry, we can develop more powerful and creative solutions to
the complex environmental challenges of today. The Cabot Institute for the Environment
at the University of Bristol – we’re a community of diverse researchers, but
what really unites us is protecting the environment and finding better ways to
live with our changing planet. For me that joint exploration, joint endeavour is what’s fundamental to the community within the Cabot Institute. It’s about
bringing together many minds against a single mission And our goal right now is to develop the
research that leads to the evidence base and therefore the solutions… …to protect lives from natural hazards and disasters …to transform water-based decision making in a changing and uncertain world …to ensure reliable and sustainable access to nutritious food …to ensure a safe and affordable energy supply for all …to tackle the challenges of environmental change from pollution to pollination, from ancient climate change to climate justice …to support the development of
more sustainable, more resilient and more inclusive cities around the world. Our desire as an institute is really to lead the way in interdisciplinary research focused on
the environment, bringing people together across disciplines – not just at
a local scale, but also at a global scale and thinking about how do we really
solve some these grand environmental challenges that the world faces.

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  1. Hi! We’re working as trainees at wethecurious, which is a science and cultural arts centre. We were searching on the internet for videos that shine a light on climate change and we loved yours! Please can we request permission to show your video on our outdoor Big Screen in Millennium Square in Bristol, UK? The screen is free and open to the public and wethecurious is an educational charity. We’d like to show your video on the 21st of August so it would be amazing if you could get back to us

    Many Thanks,

    Shanay, Zahur, Sahra, Amandeep and Alexis.

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