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Building a Blockchain Ecosystem Through Crypto M&A by TNC’s Jason Jang | CC Forum London 2019

do token swap itself doesn’t mean
anything to them therefore no regulation apply no trouble but one thing is AML
might see they’re talking about no cash so there’s no AML necessary only kyc so
we will apply global standard kyc through this and after this look about
look at by merging cryptocurrency out of your 2000 companies out there we
will make it into one so 500 into 1 means 500 less token out there so market
will be more increasing the exchange you will think that it’s emergence is going
to help us yes increase our volume will happen by
energy 500 is one what about the community finally they can liquidate
something because we are probably under exchange
50 all the way up to 100 exchanging at the same time so you will have no
problem liquidating you have no problem exchange this ecosystem will lead us
into the unity part by unity / means we are not just taking their token taking
their community and this journey what happen is we will wait 10 month for them
to liquidate the whole token and we will see their system if their development is
good enough we will reinvest and we will create new community and we will create
new token so merging is not bad thing for them we are giving them a second
chance so giving them 10,000 companies out
coinmarketcap as the listing of the each company rent right so 130 mm in with
your everything and we’ve great everything already and by saying the
merging and rating how would you trust Jason I mean who are integrated so we
have 50 plus experts out there confirming our grading system so people
will give us more credit so that by what their potential company they we will
merge will be the beginning and merging is the beginning of our movement of ESC
after the movement what we will do is we will go into the Academy we will teach
people what once you really do think about it 500 other companies out there
emerged into us that means 500 CEO 500 500 CMO on the 500 CFO who went through
failing crypto market so they will actually, create right goanna contacts to
teach so people start people young people will try to develop something in
blockchain will learn from real people our vision is unity I say it one more
time some people think that 500 company to
one is just too much so we do buy the series 100 at a time but in reality we
might not succeed with the 500 what’s gonna happen we will grow old things so
in future PSU will be here C major token TSE security and TSE stable movie go on
it will be very promising for the future all right I’ll have it up here right now
and more information if you need anything comparable TSE is the
first-ever crypto M&A company
and we will do this in the right way we have Dubai help or news coming up and
Korea and Japan is supporting so please look it to us
I’ll help you guys thank you

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