Importance of Natural Resources

Build a Better World: Save the bees with WWF

Did you know that bees are one of the hardest working farmers in the world More than three quarters of the world’s food crops are partially dependent on pollinators like bees! And as bees buzz from bloom to bloom, they create a better and more beautiful world for all of us But bees are in danger of a steep decline. In honor of these honey making heroes, Mojang and WWF have teamed up to help the bees But we still need your help! Proud supporters of WWF. Learn how you can help at

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  1. Or can u guys add a super realistic graphics but there's 1 thing I reely want is were you kill a mob they fall on the floor and dont disappear straight away

  2. We: Want Cave Update

    Mojang: Gives Us Bees to show that they're about to go extinct and try to help them

    Also Us: Dont Realize And Still Want Cave Update Instead Of A Beautiful World

  3. But bees are an invasive species which can harm other animals or insects. There are other bees who pollenate as well. It's just that the honey bees are the favorites ones cause they make honey. LET THAT INVASIVE SPECIES BECOME ERATICATED FROM AMERICA.


  4. Why they can help wolfs difference type of them are going down hills. If there any people out there having phobia of bees or I am I the only one who don’t care about them just saying.

  5. So, these are the endangered/extinct mobs minecraft has,

    Zombie villager
    And almost any monster

  6. WWF and Mojang: Let‘s save endangered species!

    Mr Beast: Finally a Worthy opponent

    Pewds in his Videos: Let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die

    Karen and the Media: I guess i love it

  7. Beekeeper here, there are ways you can help! If you have plants/garden, please do NOT use pesticides. This kills bees and makes us sad, instead try natural remedies! Second, please plant pollinator friendly flowers and plants! Google what these flowers/plants are for your specific region! This helps beekeepers like myself and bees a lot by helping them thrive and do their pollination jobs along with feeding them. We give our thanks to you and Mojang for the help!

  8. Why don't add more animals that we can make zoo things and add it more crops like strawberry,tomatoes and other things and more food then add some furnite or more flower like lavender

  9. I just checked my MC, and it took yall a couple extra days after the announced drop date, but y'all finally came through for me! Thank you MojangSupport on Twitter!

  10. Even though the comman honey bee has ruined ecosystems it’s been introduced to competing with other native pollinators such as moths, butterflies, ants and native bees species which have been in decline and many of them are now endangered because of honey bees. And btw the environment becomes unstable and unhealthy when honey bees take over it and why don’t you help more native pollinators that really need help: I’m just getting this out there to look at the bigger picture.

    Oh yeah just because you nearly caused a parrot massacre dose not mean you can’t add sharks because there are many species that are endangered.

    -probably the longest comment I’ve ever written.

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