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Brightspace Learning Environment – Making Use of the HTML Editor – Instructor

Create, design, and format HTML to integrate
it into Brightspace Learning Environment. This tutorial shows how to use the HTML Editor
to create and edit HTML in tools that have HTML content creation capabilities.
The HTML Editor integrates with all Brightspace Learning Environment tools that have HTML
content creation capabilities, such as discussion topics, custom instructions for assignment
folders, content topics, and more. Using the HTML Editor allows you to quickly
create and format content with the optional ability to edit the HTML directly.
The design view loads automatically when you access the HTML Editor.
To begin, enter your content and use the available controls to apply formatting to your text,
insert images and tables, and create links. Insert options allow you to insert non-text
items, such as files, images, links, or symbols. For this example, we will insert an image
from a URL. Enter the address of the online image and
click Add. Then, enter alternative text for the image,
or indicate that it is decorative. When you are ready, click OK.
Paragraph styling lets you apply a consistent appearance for individual paragraphs elements,
such as headings. The paragraph styling applies a predefined
set of fonts, alignment, spacing, and so on. Highlight text you would like to stylize click
the paragraph styling drop-down menu and select the style you want to apply.
Text formatting options allow you to stylize individually-selected text.
Highlight the text you want to stylize and click a text formatting option, such as italics,
to apply it. Paragraph formatting options let you control
the appearance of individual paragraphs, such as changing the alignment, adding an indentation,
or creating a list. The Font formatting options allow you to change
the font face and size. Font color options allow you to change the
color of a font so it stands out from other text.
The Table formatting options allow you to add and modify a table.
Show All Components toggles other options that are not immediately viewable, which may
include the equation editor, undo option, and editing options.
Use the Spellcheck to verify the spelling for your content.
When you have finished running the Spellcheck, click OK.
Click the accessibility checker to ensure that the HTML page meets conformance to WCAG
and Section 508 accessibility standards. The checker indicates if the content is free
of accessibility issues, or offers suggestions to fix them.
When you are ready, click Close. Click the HTML Source Editor to view the code
that structures and formats your content. Use the HTML Source Editor if you have experience
with HTML and prefer to author your content this way or want to apply styles from a cascading
style sheet. Click Preview to view a preview of your HTML
content in a new window. This allows you to preview content and ensure
that it displays as expected prior to saving any changes.
Create, design, and format HTML to integrate it into Brightspace Learning Environment.

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