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Brazil’s Leadership Under Fire For Blazes Decimating Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

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  1. There needs to be international intervention. We either force the Brazilian president to change or we do it ourselves.

  2. Farmers there, due to the soil, have to burn new forest when their old land is unproductive. Or they starve. Either liberals in western societies band together and give them money to switch to new jobs or they pay for new land elsewhere for these farmers where no forest is nearby they can farm on. Or the burnings continue. Do liberals care about the poor farmers? Yes or no?

  3. Hang all of these corrupted fools! . Make them pay and ban all use of mansanto chemicals. They're killing miliions of bees as well!!

  4. Don't worry white people will come put the fire out within a week…
    No excuse for burning the Amazon down..
    If white people did this or allowed it … it would be white supremacists colonizing the Earth…. blah blah blah
    We will come put it out with our military and National Guard.
    Not the Latino men
    Not the African men
    Not the Asian men
    The Europeans will resolve this mess…
    As usual.

  5. Who needs the EPA, we can now drill in Alaska, why not turn the Amazon into a barren cattle ranch. The US is a leader now in destroying the environment. Tires of winning yet?

  6. This IS a world problem! Apparently, the crooked dipstick Bolsonaro sent in the army to fight the fires, amid mounting pressure, just awhile ago. Trump offered our services as well.

  7. They just said on the news that some of these fires were purposely set to clear the land for development as well as cutting down the trees. All for financial gain. That should be a crime punishable by death.

  8. The Amazon forest is on fire while the coral reefs of the world are mostly dead.
    I feel like with the development of AI and robots, it needs be to used to help save the world somehow through automation, like a macro in excel. Maybe have a bunch of robots collecting ocean trash and fighting forest fires. Have them save coral reefs through different solutions that are being developed. Robots and AI can be used to automate tasks that can be very dangerous, difficult and laborious for humans. We need to be super efficient now that we have only a few decades left.

  9. There are barley any big cats left, Harley any native Americans or aboriginals, Africa and the Middle East are a mess, the ice caps and trees are disappearing and the oceans are acidifying and are filled with plastic trash. THANKS WHITE PEOPLE

  10. World leader should decide “that’s it no more deforestation” iam not suggesting that conclusion should be reached as the last tree is burned or cut down. Is 50% acceptable loss 75%. IMO now is a good time to agree any%l loss to the earth rainforest is 100% unacceptable. I would be apposed to the military bombing logging camps &e equipment.

  11. please stop this and all the smoke reaching our atmosphere. it’s gonna make our world hotter and I don’t like that because of obvious reasons and because it’ll make me sweat more at school

  12. I like how all those people that are worry about the amazon and all there living creatures. Are the one that want legal abortion after birth

  13. The Amazon is not just part of Brazil. The Amazon is also part of surrounding countries that are pretty mad at the Brazilian government for its stupidity. Not only that, the Brazilian government many years ago wanted the whole Amazon to be theirs, thank God the surrounding countries did not allow that. However, now days greed has been spreading like wild fire and causing so much damage to the Amazon and beyond. If anything, this should be taken very seriously internationally because this should be considered a crime against humanity. No Amazon means our extinction is imminent.

  14. I love NBC news but it’s much more complicated than what’s been shown on the news. The president elected is saving our country from corrupted NGOs. They are responsible for this fire. The president is right. Also according to people that live close by this happens every year, but the press is spreading fake news like pictures from other years saying that is happening now.
    I only believe in NASA pictures. But again, it happens every year. All the countries have Interest in the Amazon forest, but not exactly because of saving the earth or the oxygen! It’s always for one single reason: MONEY!

  15. The Amazon has been burning for weeks, no one cared. Then someone posted on social media and it became an international firestorm instantly..

  16. They should call for the president to step down. Honestly everyone already knew he would be a terrible leader from the start.

  17. I have the solution of all the wars and the solution of environmental destruction:) Any politician or political party who declared war or made deregulation of the environmental protection. Send them to fight at the front line or send them to clean up the mess

  18. The Brazilian President can't do a thing. He's powerless to stop the ignorat indigenous people from burning the land. Brazil is just to big to police.

  19. Alle these countries and Americans sit and thumbs down on youtube….ahh yes technology made cowards of all of you!

  20. It's NGO. The farmers don't want to burn their own fields pr their neighbours fields or the cows die and have nothing to eat.

  21. I'm Brazilian n not, absolutely fake news ! The President of Brazil are fight for Amazon, but the fake news don't help ! The criminal fire need to be investigatory.
    ( I'm don't know speak English fluently )

  22. Who started the fires now raise your hands. Just like record fires in California last year nobody gets caught. California reaped huge federal profits fighting these fires and the people? Just got burned.

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