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Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System Review

Bose was kind enough to sponsor this video,
and I’ve partnered up with them to review some of their most exciting new audio products. In this video I’ll be reviewing the Bose SoundTouch
10 Wireless Music System. If you love listening to music at home but
hate dealing with messy wires, this could be for you. The Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System
comes in a black or white finish and it’s currently the smallest speaker out of the
entire SoundTouch family. It has one goal in mind and that’s for you
to easily stream music in your home without taking up a lot of space. The SoundTouch 10 wireless music system does
not have a built-in battery. Instead it’s built to be used inside your
home on an existing WiFi network or with Bluetooth devices such as your smartphone, tablet, or
computer. However, it still provides an AUX port if
you want to use it with a wired connection. Now since this is the smallest SoundTouch
speaker it can be placed just about anywhere in your home especially due to the fact that
it comes with an included remote which is really convenient. But don’t be deceived by its small footprint. It has some kick to it. I’m not an audiophile by any means, but I’ve
used and reviewed enough speakers to notice good quality audio when I hear it, and the
SoundTouch 10 provides a really nice fulfilling sound for most indoor rooms. It’s clear and rich. Similar to my experience with the SoundLink
Color, the loudness from such a small speaker is pretty astonishing. I’m actually a little hesitant to push the
volume level past 50% because I don’t want to disturb my neighbors. You know, Danny Brown at 9am is not for everybody
and may be a little overwhelming for some people, especially coming from the SoundTouch
10. But what’s really cool about this speaker,
is it not only plays audio over Bluetooth from any app on your phone or tablet or computer,
it actually connects to your WiFi network and can play music via the free SoundTouch
Controller app that’s available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. I’m usually not a fan of proprietary apps
and I can understand why some people wouldn’t want to sign up for another online account
and agree to another company’s privacy policy, but you can still use this speaker without
doing that. If you just want to use the Bluetooth and
the AUX port then you don’t have to sign up for an account or even download the app. It’s not required, but if you don’t mind signing
up for a free Bose account with your email address then you can take advantage of the
WiFi playback and the presets because that’s where this speaker really shines. With the SoundTouch Controller app you can
connect the SoundTouch 10 system to your WiFi in a few simple steps. Once it’s connected you can connect your favorite
music services such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and a few other options even your own
music library. But the best feature about connecting music
services to the SoundTouch app is the ability to use presets. You can assign up to 6 presets with things
like a certain Pandora station or a certain Spotify artist, album or playlist. Basically the SoundTouch app makes it super
easy to instantly play your favorite music with just the touch of a button. So really the SoundTouch 10 Wireless music
system is perfect for people who are just starting out to turn their home into a wireless
music streaming zone. Once you have the SoundTouch 10 wireless music
system set up in your home it’s very easy to add other products from the SoundTouch
family such as larger speakers or home theater systems, which I’ll also be reviewing if you’re
interested. I would definitely recommend the SoundTouch
10 wireless music system under these conditions: if you already have a WiFi network and at
least one Bluetooth device, and you want an attractive small wireless speaker that can
easily be moved within your home but you don’t necessarily need a portable speaker to take
outside of your home. You got that? Ok cool. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this review. My name is Andy, and I will talk to you in
the next video.

Reader Comments

  1. I'd buy a Soundlink Color 2 w/ a Chromecast Audio. Built in to apps and has more support. Plus, I already have a Google Home, so it'd be a whole home system.

  2. You are reviewing a speaker and atleast play it once to people who watching your video. All you said what everyone know about how any $10 Bluetooth speaker works. Play the music if you reviewing speakers.

  3. Hi, I want to buy the sountouch 10 for my grandma who doesn't have a smartphone. Is it possible to set up a spotify playlist on one of the soundtouch buttons with my phone for her to listen even when I'm not in her house? Thanks!

  4. Price appears pretty steep for a small non-portable speaker. The lack of USB on the back hurts to as these will need to be upgraded with a Google Audio Cast in order to support what everyone now uses to stream media. (Bluetooth is dead)

  5. Will this work over LTE? Like say I am coming home and I want music to be playing when I walk in the door?

  6. Would have loved to hear the sound of it instead of you explaining it. That was the whole purpose of me watching the video..

  7. If it Doesn't have an internal battery what makes it wireless other than the fact that you can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device or Wi-Fi enabled device?

  8. My MacBook syncs better with the ST10 than Minilink II.
    Sound is about the same with natural bass reach
    And…(adjusted for my 20×30 thin-coated space).
    Next Father's day I want's gets paired stereo with a second ST10.

  9. I bought these, they sound great as you would expect from Bose. The software and connections are slow and laggy though. Even playing via Bluetooth from my phone with two of them paired, there is a delay when changing songs/volume. I wouldn't buy them again.

  10. Skimmed through and the first thing I heard was "Danny Brown at 9am" needless to say I'll keep watching

  11. I had this for a day, also have the Harman Kardon Aura. Compared to that this is complete cheap bullshit sounds soo boxy and cheap. The Soundtouch 30 is Not Bad but waaay to expensive.

  12. How does this speaker compare to the soundlink mini 2 or the revolve? I’ve had the original soundlink mini for years and need to upgrade. I don’t move it too much so don’t 100% need a battery device.

  13. Thanks for your honesty in saying that Bose sent you a speaker to review. Unfortunately, this also makes your comments lose almost all credibility

  14. Why do you want a Bose for Danny Brown? Just grab a crappy usd10 speaker and you'll be fine! You can't talk about sound!

  15. If you want to waste $200, this is your product. Total crap! Won't pair, audio Jack went out, sounds like crap when it actually worked, takes almost a minute to boot up. Garbage!

  16. So I just bought a set of these speakers. They came bundled as a pair so I assumed you can set them up in different rooms and connect together so you can enjoy your music as you move throughout your space. However I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Any hints?

  17. I've always liked Bose, but I've heard of people unable to play their iTunes audio library on SoundTouch 10 speakers. Has this issue been resolved?

  18. Hardware wise it's sound quality is everything you would expect with Bose's former reputation. However on the software/firmware side they need to fire their entire it department management for either not providing the programmers what they need to do their jobs or failing to hold them to Bose quality standards or industry and market requirements. I bought 2 of these and returned them in a week. I would not recommend them even at a quarter of the price for the simple reason that they need to connect and work to be a viable product at any price point.

  19. If reviewing speakers is your day job, quit! If it isn't it's clear why. You may be a hit with the deaf. What's your next venture, reviewing cameras for blind people? Just audio of course.

  20. hello Andy, would you be so kind to tell me if one can regulate the base volume in this device? cut them or lower them down? thank you very much

  21. The volume and sound quality is so goooood :’) but it sucks that it has to be plugged in. This speaker would make a good beach music player 🙁 damn you bose )

  22. I got two of these , they are shit, always dropping audio even though they are sat next to wireless access points, wish I’d bought sonos

  23. I like your review, I just purchased the system and I'm so looking forward to it's arrival. I wish you would've played some music though! So we can actually hear the sound quality. I know Bose makes the best products. But it would've made this review more informative.

  24. BOSE is quite simply the system when you can afford the very BEST. I adore the 30 series I purchased a few weeks ago, for it syncs incredibly well with my Bose Airwave system, so I now intend to purchase the 10 as an additional speaker for the kitchen. I also have a Bose system hooked up to my television and computer and will confess the entertainment system is on it's third television and second computer, while both Bose systems still sound as good as the day they came out of the box. It's simply plug, play and enjoy without all the wirings, unnecessary extras and insane remotes. Furthermore, the workmanship is designed to last, (I know people who have Bose systems that are over thirty years old) and their support is impeccable. FYI I'm not paid by Bose to say this.

  25. The only speaker I can hear in this video is wearing a red shirt. I wish it came in a lot more different colors as I'm not a fan of red. Does Bose ship this speaker to India? I called them up and they said they didn't sell this particular model here. The people here didn't like the red they said.

  26. It looks much bigger on eBay. Here's the thing, Bose if your reading this. I don't want small, I want you to design me a big jam box. styled like those large flat boxes from the early 80s. Something big and powerful. With a single 8 or 10 inch subwoofer right in the center powered by it's own class d amp, two 4" mids and 1" tweets off to the sides. and chambered ports coming out the back. With a carry strap, a molded hand hold to hold up to my ear, lastly a 24v input for a Kobalt tool battery to power it.

  27. For all you recent commenting people, do you own this? We recently got it and cannot find a real review of actual play and longevity of listening. Every 30-40 minutes the speaker loses connection, stops playing the music to have to re hit play on the phone or just hear it "blip" as it reconnects or reloads because it can't keep up with the stream of music? IDK but it's annoying to have to rehit play every so often when listening to music throughout the day 2-3 times an hour. Definitely doesn't have a steady stable connection and for the price. . . . sucks. Other alternatives that sounds great require charging and cannot play and charge at the same time. (True wireless speakers). So hard to get a good home speaker for a shelf to make use of the thousands of dollars of library music stored on a PC from days of yore because you are just suppose to stream crappy app radio stations of repetitious play. Ugh frustrated. Wired sadly is still the ultimate way to go. Digitial music still can't replace even a mediocre home sound system with hard media.

  28. Wow, Bose sponsored you and you didn't even provide a sound sample? I think they got ripped off. You only gave us information that only a anyone knows. Do you really consider yourself an expert?

  29. Let me say that I have many Bose products and love them all however the 10’s lack the bass that I have come to expect from Bose. (I have a set paired). The sound is crisp but if you like bass……maybe another upgraded set is a better bet.

  30. just got one ..reasonable quality sound for sure, but takes an age to boot up and connect. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, you could have 'operated' it …

  31. Genuine Question: Is it possible to add Youtube Music to the list of services like Spotify and Pandora and have it function within the app itself, WITHOUT using Bluetooth and the Youtube Music app itself?

    Also would the bose app need to be running in order for that to work or would the presets have the speaker function all on its own?

    Basically what im trying to do specifically is have 24/7 Radio streams available at the touch of a button, without the need to have another device streaming it to a speaker.

  32. the most stupid review i ever saw on youtube..reviewing a speaker without hearing the quality of it.

  33. I just bought it. Cant understand WHY it's not working WITHOUT power cable. Does that have battery???🤨

  34. Hi Andy. I really liked your review. I’m looking forward to my SoundTouch 10 purchase soon. I already own a Bose Mini II SoundLink, so with Bluetooth, can I pair that with the Bose Soundtouch10? Also if you know, and again with either WiFi/Bluetooth, can I pair the SoundTouch 10 with my Song Bravia tv like how one would have it as a personal home theater system? Thanks.

  35. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE IF YOU WANT TO USE AUX!!!!! It is a nightmare I cant even begin to describe…total insanity! I didnt think going from Sonos to Bose would give my any headaches.. GOD i was wrong!!!! plan to set aside 30minutes a day to this piece of trash(thats a compliment) which is what is required to get AUX connected, oh and if you stop listening to music for 20minutes, the speaker will power down and you'' need to turn it on, and wait the 2minutes for it to reconnect to its AUX..


  37. I love Bose or used to love Bose but this speaker is weak. It has to be plugged in which sucks and the sound is super muddy. I was hesitant about it because of the cord but I knew Bose had killer sound and huge bass so I bought it anyway and sadly I was so disappointed. Sometimes it was tolerable if I placed it in just the right spot but I love to cook and shower with music and plugging and unplugging was just dumb. It would maybe be doable if it sounded awesome but I couldn't do it anymore and got rid of it within 2 months.

  38. Dude you serious?? The main reason people buy any speakers is for the SOUND QUALITY, and yet you wasted our time with your 3 min jargon with no sound test whatsoever…Pathetic

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