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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash over climate change

We should have clear actions
an agreed plan and a road map for the year of action
but we do not. So why is the prime minister
failing so spectacularly to measure up to the scale of
the climate crisis that this country and indeed this planet is facing? – We are delivering for the people
of this country, we are reducing greenhouse gas. All he will produce, I’m afraid,
is a load of hot air. – But this country isn’t meeting
its target and it isn’t due to meet its target and I think the
prime minister should recognise that. – Mr Speaker, this is beyond satire. This government is delivering a fantastic
agenda in tackling climate change, we lead the world in going for a zero
carbon approach. In 1990, this country was 70%
dependent on coal power. We are now today … And, by the way,
he’d want to reopen the coal mines. Today, we are down to 3%. – The prime minister is quoting things
that happened in 1990 and afterwards. During that time, of course, he was
a climate sceptic. He might recall saying that climate change
is a primitive fear without foundation. His former minister has described
preparations in Whitehall as “Whitehall knot-tying, in-fighting
and obfuscation, petty political squabbles and black-ops briefings.” No wonder the prime minister
is shutting newspapers out of number 10 because he doesn’t like the briefings. – I don’t … I … Mr Speaker, I am a journalist.
I love journalism and I think the people of this country, Mr Speaker …

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