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Biodiversity Grant Awarded Promoting Environmental Issues | Toyota

{Narrator} Respect for the planet
is the foundation for Toyota’s environmental
sustainability strategy to create positive
change in our society. Biodiversity is one of Toyota’s
key environmental focus areas. So we work to minimize the
disruption of natural habitats and support local species. Invasive species are one of the
greatest threats to wildlife and natural ecosystems
in North America to help achieve our
goals we partner with a group of pretty
amazing local organizations that help us get
down in the weeds for the 21st consecutive
year Toyota sponsored National Public Lands Day
hosted by National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF).
National Public Lands Day is the largest single
day volunteer effort for public lands in the US. There were over 2000
events this year. But the key event
in Washington D.C. focused on invasive species. {Julia Washburn} We are all about
biodiversity here and we are constantly
fighting invasive plants. We absolutely cannot do that
without the help of partners and volunteers such as NEEF,
Toyota, Rock Creek Conservancy. {Narrator} This year Toyota
awarded a $200,000 grant to the Partnership for Regional
Invasive Species Management (PRISM) to combat the
invasive species issue across the national capital region
encompassing 1,500 square miles and parts of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Partners involved in
PRISM include the D.C. Department of Energy and the
Environment, the National Park Service, the Rock Creek
Conservancy and many others. The grants will support
hiring a full time project coordinator forming a
strike team to eliminate invasive species and restoring
three parks by removing invasive species and
planting native ones. {Kevin Butt} Giving a biodiversity
grant along with NEEF is one way that we can help
achieve what we’re trying to do in our Challenge 2050. This grant will
actually provide work in a specific area
of invasive species. The more we partner
with people like NEEF and allows us to reach out
and get the specific talent and expertise that
we need to help us move towards
that accomplishment of the Challenge 2050. {Narrator} This is just one way Toyota’s
overall strategy connects over 3,000 team members with
environmental sustainability and conservation efforts,
providing real world opportunities to make a
lasting positive impact on their local communities
and the environment. Want to know more about
Toyota’s ongoing efforts to support biodiversity? Visit Toyota’s Environmental Ideas
& Action page.

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