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Bill Nye: Want to Combat Climate Change? Talk about It.

So people say to me Bill Nye, what can I do
about climate change? And these days I acknowledge that not wasting water bottles, not throwing
newspapers away, recycling, that’s all good and important. Driving less, driving smaller
cars or more efficient cars, electric cars. But the main thing we can all do about climate
change right now is talk about it. We just talk about climate change and raise awareness
of it. Then the world’s biggest economy, the United States, might lead the world in
addressing climate change, creating resources of renewable energy, wind and solar, most
notably titled energy. Than we can export those technologies and change the world. So
if I – since I believe that talking about it’s really important I talk about it all
the time. And that’s – the more you think about it everybody – 97 percent of the world’s
scientists – not 97 percent of some institute that somebody started in a remote part of
the world and is making or releasing press releases. Ninety-seven percent of the scientists
in the world are very concerned about climate change. And you can look at the graphs. You can study
the stuff for yourself. If nothing else do this. Wherever you live get access to the
coldest temperature of each year for the last century. Unless you live in just very few
places you will see the coldest temperature where you live is steadily increased. There’ll
be some dips. There’ll be some ups but overall you’ll find it – and that’s just almost
everybody who has Internet access can get those data that are available. And just look
at that one thing and you’ll see the world’s getting warmer everybody. The ocean’s getting
warmer so it’s getting bigger and those people are going to get displaced and we’re
going to have to change our economy and where we do business. We’re going to be abandoning
– heck there’s acres and acres of asphalt, roadways, copper plumbing. We’re going to
be abandoning all that and it’s going to be expensive. So the sooner we get to work
the better.

Reader Comments

  1. What a surprise, another climate change video that doesn't touch its main cause: lifestock prodcution. Want to stop Climate Change? Stop supporting the industry that generates more pollution than all transport systems combined and is destroying our natural forests. Stop eating so much meat.

  2. he mentioned renewable energy, electric cars, but no mention of animal agriculture contributing to climate change.. FAIL
    papers after papers appear showing that animal agriculture greatly contributes to climate change and urging people to significantly reduce their animal consumption, if not completely eliminate it

  3. "We must talk about climate change, says Bill Nye"
    Funny we have been talking about it and guess what it's still changing.
    Just as it has been doing for the past 4.543 billion years.

  4. No one can do anything. Climate has changed all the time. We try to talk about it but people that try to identify the lie supported by the government we get put down. I'm 100% sure the 97% of the scientist will not agree on such a complex question.

  5. According to science, the planet has been around for billions of years. It is just fine after all this time. Everything in nature has a cycle. We are at the whims of those cycles we know nothing about. We need to adapt to what nature has to throw at us.

  6. Well, it's simple. The more hoomans are born the more infrastructure is build to support human needs, more water is taken, more energy is released ( and i'm not talking about the pollution and stuff) – the warmer it gets. Very slowly, but it will inevitably get warmer and warmer.

  7. Hey had an Idea, tell me its shit in the comments and if anyone can get this to Bill Nye and have him tell me this is shit then that would be great. this I know is just an Idea and I'm not well versed in the science of this field but, my hope is this serve as the foundation for new ideas….anyway here it is.

    The SkyTower is an environmental solution to air pollution, with a built in generator powered by mounted solar panels, the Sky tower will generate electrical magnetic pulses in the air drawing in toxic air and filtering it out as clean air, while all the pollution is pulled below the SkyTower to an underground facility to be properly dispose of.
    The SkyTower structure will be will be one and a half kilometer tall structure, with large man made holes to allow air to circumvent through the structure, automated fans will reside in the tower to keep the generator cool and a giant filter will be installed inside the tower as well.
    I’m sorry I could explain any further on the technology that would be involved in this project as I’m not well versed it this field, this is completely conceptual.

  8. climate change!! lmao what a bunch of bullshit!!! What is the solution ?more goverment control? I wonder who signs most of these puppet scientists checks!!!

  9. climate change!! lmao what a bunch of bullshit!!! What is the solution ?more goverment control? I wonder who signs most of these puppet scientists checks!!!

  10. climate change!! lmao what a bunch of bullshit!!! What is the solution ?more goverment control? I wonder who signs most of these puppet scientists checks!!!

  11. The main thing all of us can do- every single one of us- is go vegan! It would have a huge impact but people are to selfish to do that, so it is almost never mentioned in mainstream because it's the one thing we cannot blame politicians or corporations for ! We need to grow up and stop being selfish!

  12. just talking about climate change is not enough, you have to mention real accessible and alternatives to conventional energy usage and products. keyword is sustainability. things that fall under that are earthships, permaculture, urban homesteading, biofuels like waste vegetable oil and ethanol, going off grid, hydroponics etc. we have to raise awareness about viable cost effective alternatives that we can integrate into our lifestyle and not just focus on elaborate solutions, expensive alternatives like electric cars, or far off technologies like hydrogen energy.

  13. And more importantly, eventually go vegan. Maybe go vegetarian first so it's easier to maintain as you transition, but definitely go vegan eventually.

  14. After reading some comments on this video, I realized Vegans are like Christians, they think it's the answer to everything, they push their beliefs on everyone, and anyone that disagrees is going straight to hell….

  15. we need to nuke syria and china. china to stop co2 emissions and syria to get rid of isis and get some dust into the atmosphere that will block the sun. easy foward this to trump

  16. So, I'm a Climate Pragmatist I mostly agree with everything Billy Nye is saying and has said but I don't believe its all so doom and gloom. I think that our prognosis for the future is good based upon our current attitudes and actions.

    However, I these sort of video always rub me the wrong way, I frequently get the impression that the scientist or presenter is trying to paint a picture of an rapidly changing world that would be over-wise be static if it were not for humans and that their ultimate object is to take us back to how the world once was.

    When I know as well as I suspect they do that climate is/was never static or unchanged and that is will continue to shift slowly even if we get the run away global warm effect under control.

    My point is you don't defeat climate change as it is portrayed you manage climate change. There will always be floods, changing coastlines, etc and we will always have to work to deal with such changes. It's simply not a question of how we stop climate change but when and how quickly it's managed.

  17. In short, population control is, maybe the only and effective way. Too many human too much resources consumed to sustain, and those spent resources is the biggest cause to climate change.

  18. It is undeniable, the next Ice Age is coming. Our only hope is to burn more coal. Oh and his state of 97% is a lie. 97% of 500 corrupt CLIMATE scientists agree, while 50,000 non-paid scientists have officially disagreed.

  19. the problem with talking about it is that if im not an expert in it people just call me out and im too lazy to get super knowledged on the topic

  20. He has some shirts on his website that he sell. Can someone give me a link or show me how to get there? I couldn't find the ones with the galaxies, or universe. Thanks.

  21. You forgot to mention that the single most effective thing any individual can do to mitigate climate change right now is to stop consuming animal products. Animal agriculture produces 57% of all greenhouse gases. A large proportion of this is due to methane emissions. Methane reduction should be our primary target because it is both shorter-lived in the atmosphere and far more potent a greenhouse gas compared to CO2 so we can make an immediate change by curbing animal agriculture while continuing to de-carbonise the rest of our lives. You talk about the US taking the lead and showing the world what to do. If Americans stopped eating meat, or at least put the correct taxes on meat products, the world might just sit up and notice. Want to make a difference? Swap a meat burger patty for a vege-burger. Simple.

  22. The issue I see more often isn't climate change denial anymore, but "Man made" climate change denial.
    I know there is still clear data that shows we do greatly contribute, but there was clear facts that showed climate change itself was a real thing, and it was massively denied for a very long time.
    I wonder if this is a symptom of refusing to deal in facts and separate bias from themselves, or people simply always moving the blame elsewhere. If we convince them that man made climate change is a thing, what gets blamed next?

  23. I'm disappointed in Bill for not mentioning Animal Agriculture as being the main contributor of greenhouse gases…

    Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix and GO VEGAN!

  24. I seriously can't believe that there are still climate change deniers in this country..
    It's a very easy thing to understand, so what's the problem here?

  25. Get the fuck out vegans. Humans have kept livestock for thousands of years, it's not going to change any time soon. Instead of using this to push your bullshit liberal vegan agenda talk about the real issue: fossil fuels.

  26. The main problem in my mind is convincing people that we can go to a zero-carbon economy without dramatically lowering standards of living, especially lower income people. I'm not so convinced of this myself. Air travel will essentially be eliminated (algae biofuel powered planes would use about 20 acres of annual output of PER FLIGHT!), and there is no way to run container ships (5% of CO2 output), cement production (another 5%), mining and smelting, construction, and other heavy industries on solar or wind.

    Just this morning I heard a guy talking about clean energy jobs, and he literally said it would "more jobs per unit of electricity". In other words lower worker productivity. Shrinking economy. We could also get more jobs per unit of food if we went back to being mostly farmers like we were 200 years ago, but that seems like a tough sell.

  27. Cut yourself off from animal agriculture. It's the easiest way to make a HUGE difference everyday. A bigger difference than the car you drive and how much water you shower with.

  28. I choose not to worry about it. The planet has been much warmer in the past, has had 10 time the CO2 in the past and yet still managed to go into and out of glacial periods. The Milankovitch cycle will start to swing in the other direction and then in 1000+ years, humans will look back at this time period and wonder what all the fuss was about. Instead of crying about going vegan or proposing ideas that will tank economies, how about we plan around the slightly warmer weather. Instead of being alarmist, try being realistic. The world's economy runs on oil, that will not change.

  29. climate change has been happening since the birth of this planet. it will happen even if all humans left. there's no question that humans may be contributing to the speed up of this process. but ask yourself is there anything we can really do to stop. The answer is NO! Now by using cleaner energy sources it will benefit the human race in a hole.

  30. On a macro level, elect politicians that understand climate change, democrats, greens and independents over republicans, then support their initiatives when offered. On a personal level, switch to a green ESCO, install a renewable energy source such as a mini-helix wind turbine or solar voltaic panel with battery backup on your roof, don't drive a gas guzzling minivan alone, don't fly on a jet airplane unless if you have to, and perhaps most importantly, curtail your consumption of beef.

  31. For me as a die hard Republican the number ONE problem with the GOP is that they refuse to be honest about climate change…I hate to side with the Democrats and Hillary fucking Clinton, a bare faced liar, but if she's fucking willing to deal with this human-species-threatening-shit I don't have a lot of choice

  32. Who is Bill kidding? China will lead the fight against climate change by producing cheap solar panels, batteries, and electric cars. They have the motivation and the centralized government to take advantage of this. By 2060, China will be on top.

  33. I'm so sick of studies that speak to conclusions of whether climate change is man made or from the natural cycle.
    Who cares anymore whether it's the fault of the human animal with it's frailties and limitations, or if it's mother nature showing off her guns?
    All I care about is that it is happening!!!
    Fact: Biology 101: The human animal can't exist without habitat.
    Fact: No human has existed above a 3.5 degree increase in the past.
    Fact: The CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in the last 10 years hasn't been felt yet. There is a minimum 10 year lag.
    Fact: Our oxygen comes from plants and the oceans
    Fact: Our plants and oceans are dying
    Fact: Global oxygen levels have decreased by a minimum 30%.
    Fact: We are losing 150-200 animals a day.
    Fact: Year 2100 climate models do not include effects of methane.
    Fact: Abrupt climate change has been triggered due to release of methane.
    Fact: The past has shown a 5 degree increase over a 13 year period.
    Fact: 2 + 2 = 4 + degrees = Human Extinction
    Fact: To deny any of the above, or to provide misleading information is to disrespect all the humans on this globe.

    Fellow human animals of the world, I wish you the best in the next 20-30 years.
    Be good to each other, and live life the way YOU want to live.
    The human animal has had a great journey.
    As much as it is sad to see it ending for us, take solace in that none of us will be alone.

    Food for thought: Instead of living in denial of impending death, think of it in the larger sense.
    We all knew we'd die at some point, in some way…so other than the timeline….what's really changed?
    From my perspective, the story of the human animal on this world, as brief on the geological time scale it will be, has been an amazing one.
    Knowing there are only a few decades at the most left, gives me the opportunity to be truly free.
    I hope it will do the same for you.

  34. do you think the country that even has a chance of electing trump would be capable of leading anything towards any positive change?

  35. Well well well, Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy, babbling about climate change again. Who'd'a ever thunk?

    Yeah. . . let's "raise awareness" of something that's been invented out of vapor. That'll fix everything!

  36. Individual climate change solutions:

    1) Go vegan
    2) Switch energy providers to 100% renewable (ecotricity or good energy in the uk) you only have to do it once!
    3) Switch your investments to building societies/banks that don't invest your money in fossil fuels (nationwide in the uk, charity bank or triodos – see the 'move your money' campaign for more info). Check your pension as well.

    I really think less emphasis should go on small personal environmental gestures (like recycling, even though it's important!) and more on making sure that companies who are contributing to climate change get the message financially. Money is all they understand, so let's not just talk about it, let's buycott so that the good companies are rewarded and the companies stuck in the past get the message.

    If anyone has any other suggestions that have maximum impact with minimal effort, let me know!

  37. I love how Bill says, "And change the world!" ? I think it's crazy how much I'm seeing more of this awesome man. He used to be this guy making cheesy science videos on VHS tapes that we watched in school to give teachers a break and now he's preaching what we all should be hearing. But… there isn't much we can do, Bill. Climate Change was a huge wheel that we spun faster and all we can do is to reduce the speed and the impact, but it's still going to hit us hard. And we're not even doing much to stop it other than minor changes. We did this to ourselves; we are causing our own mass-extinction. I'm just glad that our planet will recover our mess that we did to it when humans go extinct. And our issue is mostly not greed or government corruption… it's the illusion, ignorance and denial of nothing bad will ever happen to us. We live in this perfect little bubble that everything outside of it will eventually fix itself.

  38. People have this bad habit of shutting off how they see the world because they're too afraid to change it for the better. They want someone else to take care of it for them. They want someone else to make the differences. We live in a world of sheep being controlled by hungry wolves. The wolves aren't going to stop when there is still meat. They're not going to stop when they're still hungry. They will finish this world until there is nothing left for the sheep and then that they will realize that without any sheep, the wolf shall die…

  39. I dont want to combat it. It is very interesting to see such large scale changes on the planet happening so quickly.

  40. i guess the big energy businesses aren't going to let us Helium 3 or what about converting sea water like Dr. Kaku says?? Both clean fuels

  41. Years ago I learned about the UN's Decade of Education for Sustainable
    Development program and thought, there is no way people would fall for
    this garbage….. This comment section has proven otherwise.

  42. QUIT EATING MEAT. END ANIMAL AGRICULTURE = END CLIMATE CHANGE. It's so simple, but people who eat meat would rather blame other things. Get over it, the animals and the planet don't deserve to die because people can't control their cravings to the meat they've been conditioned to be addicted to. It's almost 2017, time to evolve. Go vegan and end climate change.


    Why the fuck does no scientist speak about animal agriculture? It's destroying our ecosystem (not our planet, it'll be here whether we are or not) and it's the first cause for climate change.
    "Talk about it" GREAT, BUT then the people have heard it and THEN? You have to tell them what is the best thing to do now.
    And the BEST thing to do against climate change is skipping meat and diary. PERIOD.
    Bill Nye doesn't even mention that.
    I hate when scientists stick to their belief systems. Religion, animal products, …
    And by the way I'm not saying that E-Cars are bad or do nothing to help fighting climate change. Tesla is awesome and Elon Musk is a genius. BUT THERE'S SOMETHING THAT'S WAY MORE IMPORTANT.

  44. Go to Google earth and start zooming in on the States, north, east, south, and west. I think you’ll be somewhat surprised at all the irrigated land, I was, and the land looks to be in clear and broad use across the nation.

  45. Dear Bill Nye,      My dad believes climate change is a hoax. He says climate has been changing for thousands of years and believes we haven't observed enough of it first hand to "Know everything about that weather". How am I supposed to convince him its real and a threat. He also read a book once that told him it's not real.. :/

  46. You haven't answered it properly , and the way we can stop climate change is to STOP EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS!!!!! Jeezzzz

  47. today my earth science professor was explaining how if we got rid of fossil fuels, our electricity bills will increase immensely; i agree that this is true, but i think the future of our planet is a bit more important. Something like an increase in expenses, is nothing compared to the affects of climate change. This is a serious problem and we must do something now before its too late.

  48. De-stigmatize nuclear power.
    Gen 4 reactors (especially small modular molten salt thorium reactors) are hugely safer than the old pressurized water reactors that we currently use.
    Gen 4 nuclear emits no CO2. That is 0 (zero).
    Nuclear has a bad name because the anti-nuclear fear mongers are shouting louder than the voices of reason.
    Lets stop getting our power by burning coal and boiling water. That should have ended when we stopped using steam engines. But we are still using steam engines when you really look at where the majority of our power comes from.
    Also, electric cars are not the answer, unless we switch away from using fossil fuels to generate our electricity.

  49. Climate scientists need to talk. According to surveys of climate scientists, the majority don't believe what Bill Nye believes – they are what Nye would call "deniers." All you hear in the media is a handful of alarmists because the rest are afraid to speak. A few have spoken out and it has been career suicide.

  50. Less planes more trains. People love to watch people like Casey Neistat. But people like that constantly travel for speeches or business are polluting the earth more than anyone. It's ridiculous considering people can talk face to face over the internet now. Poor African women and girls were being sterilized with tetanus vaccines and most don't even own a car. People should be limited to how many miles they can fly each year.  Thousands of jets are in the air daily polluting the earth. Killing millions of people each year. But it's not really about that is it? It all comes down to depopulation. As one climate one article said, it is more cost effective to reduce the population than use solar or wind. People need a predator and religion is a hurdle they need to overcome. But who chooses the predators and who the predators attack? What predators are keeping the elites numbers in check? While they fly around on private jets, own countless houses and contaminate the earth through greedy business practices. Like radioactive fracking.

  51. in here, we got no fuking spring… it was fuking cold and someday of summer too
    I hate fuking people that say there not climate change

  52. Fuck vegans, they think they are what? Saints? Fuck you! Now back to REAL reasons that climate is changing like carbon emissions dumb fucks

  53. CO2 Emmissions – Check out the most CO2 emmissions per country. The most industrialized countries are the ones with most emmissions, by far, so stop your dellusions about meat etc, also ride a fucking bike..

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