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Bears Fight to the Death! – When Black Bears Attack (Wildlife)

Alright folks we have one of the most
unique pieces of footage I’ve ever seen in almost 30 years in the outdoors.
Eastman subscriber Dan Hiljimburg had a trail camera on one of his bear baits
and caught this piece of footage at night. It goes against common sense to
think something with claws and fangs would be skittish about anything but let
me tell you they are afraid of big older bears coming in and taking care of
business. This young bear has found this bait he’s about a two-year-old cub
he’s probably just been kicked off his mother he’s fighting to survive for his
first year on his own, and he thinks he’s really found
something with this bait. The wind must have been just right and the young bear
walks around the trunk of this tree and uh-oh comes face-to-face with a big bear
and it does not turn out well. For more great videos from Eastman’s
hunting journal head over to the YouTube channel and subscribe now.

Reader Comments

  1. I feel bad for wild animals. They have a hard life. That cub was forced to live on its own. Life can be so cruel.

  2. Siberian Tigers sometimes prey on cubs like that, but there has never been reported any Tiger attacks on grown male Brown Bears by Siberian Tigers.
    They are simply to powerful.
    In fact, they often follow Tigers and take their kills by intimidation and in some cases even killing the Tiger.

  3. This just adds to my list of Reasons why I hate bears . It killed a cub for no reason . Not even to eat it but just Bc it felt like it . Ass hole bear

  4. Nature is scary! Very sad but understandable. Big bear killed just to kill. Tough life for adolescent. Sad but good rare capture.

  5. Didn't like 2 watch the video but people do need 2 c what really happens in the wild an that said so when idiot's go 2 the museum an get 2 close 2 the cages look dumb dumb this could b YOU🤔🤔🤔

  6. More great videos? The killing of a bear especially a baby bear is not a great video, did not enjoy that at all

  7. Have a nice camping trip this could be you friend of mine went to use the restroom Big Bear came out of nowhere and he looked up and shot him four times with the 45 and that was it

  8. Probably better not to bate anymore, unless you don't feel any responsibility for that poor animals demise.

  9. Probably ate it, too. Bears will cannibalize their own species, and he`s not likely to walk away from that much protein.

  10. Black bears only kill other black bears when, food is scarce or the pressure for food is high, because there's to many bears in an area. The only way to tell if its one reason or the other in my 30 years of experience with bears is : What did the bear do with the bear they killed ? If they left it, its a population or territorial dispute. If they ate the bear and covered the remains, it's either a big boar who is a cannibal or there is a food shortage. Big boars are notorious for becoming cannibals. But this is still kind of rare and doesn't happen too often. However in the greater Yellowstone area, I have been finding dead and buried adult black bears. I found my first one in the early 2010, to date I have found 9, all killed and eaten by Grizzly's. I am unsure of the meaning because the areas I find these kills in are predominantly Black bear cover and country, not Grizzly territory. It's almost like the park and surrounding area has a bear that hunts and kills black bears as a food source. This also I have never seen until the last decade. It's not normal behavior for bears to feed on bears, and definitely taboo for a bear to skillfully hunt another bear for dinner. Just the risk of receiving bad damage from trying to kill another bear is not worth the chance. It's hard to understand why they would take that gamble, even a smaller 300 lb black bear can do significant and lethal damage to a grizzly. I found the skull of a black bear that measured +19" he was a large black bear boar, he was buried in black timber by a grizzly. The kill was around a year old most bones had been chewed on by critters, but you could see the teeth marks and the broken jaw bone caused by a bear fight. The coyotes didn't even dig it up and scatter the bones around that too is unusual. Most of the bear was well eaten even the ribs tips were eaten away. This was the first time I have ever seen a bear so well consumed, probably because it was in such dark cover. Cause of death with out a doubt was a grizzly, there was still fur from the fight washed into the rocks and crevices. It had to be one huge bear, to even think about fighting a +500 lb black bear boar. This valley has had numerous strange anomalies with animals killed in weird places. It's a narrow deep dark covered valley only 5 miles long, covered in thick vegetation in summer months and lots of old dark timber. I have found elk, antelope (had to be lost), cows, moose, wolves and bears, cashed into the mountain for food, by bears for sure over the years. I used to prospect up in there for gold, and fish, but I haven't been up in that area for a few years, it just became to dangerous for my mule and dog at night.

  11. The bait site is what brought those bears together. again it does happen in nature but human involvement was directly responsible for this one. I am a strong supporter of hunting and I am a hunter myself but I do not believe in baiting bears. For several reasons but this is a good example as to why it's a bad idea. Just my opinion on it.

  12. The killer bear was defending the food he had the bait food it was weird the way the killer looked around

  13. The crazy thing is that the killer bear will be killed very soon by the hunter, I love being human and love big powerful rifles

  14. Why do we allow sleazy unethical hunters to put bait out in the first place?
    We tell people not to food condition wildlife, yet we allow Elmer Fudd and his gang of fake hunters to do it
    It is no wonder why the hunting community has such a negative image with the general public

  15. 2689611487

    كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل أعشابه طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ ولا يتسبب أي أثار جانيه امن تماما.

    خلطة رجال الصحراء هو العلاج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل العملاء اللذين استخدموه

    خلطت رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء

  16. Very amazing footage. Very sad for the young bear. Just starting his life, but that's nature, that's what they do. Now its a bait pile for the coyotes, lol. Both bears were beautiful. Sad to see one go.

  17. That little cub had no chance against an adult male, unless it wud of climbed out of reach, which it didn't….

  18. That was absolutely brutal Nature is so Beautiful and Terrifying at the same time. That was just pictures i wonder what video would look like sad but cool because wildlife does what wildlife does and that is survive at all cost.

  19. Click bait. That wasnt a fight to the death. That was a one sided murder lol. That's why momma bears are so protective of their baby Cubs.

  20. Stop baiting just so you can capture shit like this. Be a hunter and hunt. Hunting over bait isn't hunting. It is just like killing doves off a bird feeder.

  21. What's scary is that bear cub is probably stronger than a 250 pound 6 foot tall body builder and it got killed with ease. It just goes to show that if you survive a bear attack you are extremely lucky.

  22. Wow! Did you notice how quickly and easily that larger bear killed the juvenile bear,&they're the exact same species of bear!

  23. And people complain about how shitty their life is and then you got this little bear getting his damn neck eaten open… nature sucks.

  24. Bears are getting overpopulated. Where I live in the Florida panhandle bears are coming into neighborhoods where they have not been seen for 50 years. They are not hunted here and are killing dogs and attacked a lady about 30 miles from my home who only survived because of her two pit bulls , one of which was killed defending her in her yard. These bears, nor being hunted have lost almost all fear of humans. That bear could have been your dog, you, your wife or your children. I don’t have a desire but feel hunting needs to be allowed to keep the bears natural fear of man.

  25. im not being an ass but just letting people know that was not a 2 year old cub that was killed. 6-10 months old. if it was 2 it would have been the size of its killer. that lighter colored 1 is a year tops but more likely under a year. it was a cub for sure.

  26. You put that bait to get attention of your bear so does big one, its not natural you dumb people cause this encounter.

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