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Avoid condensation to create a superior indoor climate

1.8 mio. visitors every
year experience a comfortable indoor climate and don’t know anything about the problems that Talisman Center in Calgary in Canada previously had from water
dripping from the ceiling. The problem and question was condensation. The ceiling
material and harsh winter climate caused the indoor air to condensate causing water to drip on the floor. Of course this was a performance problem for the large
number of athletes and patrons that utilize the facility. The amenities at the center include five gymnasiums, two 164 feet [50m] Olympic-size
swimming pools, an olympic dive tank and 25,000 square feet of
training space with over 700 pieces of equipment. Not to mention two running
tracks as well as a 20 person hot tub. The building used to reach scorching
temperatures in the summer dropping down to freezing in the winter.
The air dispersion system manufactured by FabricAir help to remove the condensation
problem from the huge gel fabric roof while creating and maintaining an indoor
climate for all attendees. The inside of the double curved ceiling is swiped by conditioned air to help avoid any condensation. It is handled by two long
curved fabric ducts along each side of the arena. The ducts are manufactured
to process large volumes of tempered air using individually angled
fabricAir JetFlow Jets. Smoke tests were performed to document this effect. FabricAir is able to find suitable air
dispersion solutions without drafts or even noise The advantages of using
FabricAir ducts in this project are: No corrosion of ducts. No condensation. Fire retardant. Lightweight ducts for unique lightweight roof constructions.
Start in less than one week. Option to swipe the ceiling with directed tempered air.
Very little noise. FabricAir is a company, specializing in manufacturing
fabric ducts for heating, cooling and ventilation which can be customized and
delivered for any building construction type worldwide

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