Importance of Natural Resources

(AV17440-2) The Impact of Groundwater Seepage on Coastal Ecosystems

problem with this fecal bacteria
indicators because they’re not they’re also not fair pathogens what they’re
measuring most of these bacteria are not the disease-causing bacteria so people
are trying to developed systems where they actually measure a genes of
pathogens or viruses rather than the fecal bacteria the problem with all of
that is the infrastructure and the cost for analysis that is becoming a major
issue but they at the end what will have to be done is kind of a cost-benefit
analysis by some economists who can say okay this is how much it’s going to
cause us if 20% of the people that go swimming will get sick and this much
it’s going to cost us if we have to invest in measuring the gene of genes of
cholera in the water and what’s the cost-benefit and that’s
how things like that get decided but you’re right you know these bacteria
we’re there but as the coastal populations increase there’s more and
more of them because we bring the animals with us and I think close to 50%
of the population in the u.s. lives within 20 kilometres of the coast of
some coast that’s where most of the dense most dense population centers are
so that’s where most of the interaction and the pollution happens okay there’s no more questions thank you
again for coming and you can almost go to bed I’ll go party and go something it
is Thursday after all

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