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Applying an Omnichannel Strategy in Telecommunications

Meet Anna, a busy manager in a big company, a sports lover, a mother and a wife. As a technology enthusiast, Anna enjoys using various electronic and mobile devices to simplify her life and she is happy that her service provider, BestPhone uses multiple communication channels. It means that Anna can contact her operator or shop for the latest offers through the channel of her choice. This week Anna’s family will celebrate her daughter’s 16th birthday. Anna wants to buy a new mobile phone for her little girl. During lunch-break, she finds a great BestPhone offer on the company’s Facebook page. An attractive tariff plan is currently available, with a great phone for free. As she clicks through to BestPhone’s customer portal, Anna conveniently logs in using her Facebook account, without having to fill in another form. But before she is able to finalize the purchase she gets called into an urgent meeting. A few hours later she logs into BestPhone’s mobile app to finalize her purchase. This takes only a few seconds, as her order is already displayed on the app’s main page. Anna requests the phone to be delivered to her office address in three days. But then she realizes that she is going away on a business trip on the day of the planned delivery. She calls BestPhone’s customer service and finds out that the phone can also be collected from the operator’s local store. Thanks to the operator’s mobile app, Anna can track her order and be notified automatically about the delivery. So she does not have to worry that her daughter will not get the gift in time. Happy with her seamless buying experience, Anna recommends BestPhone on her Facebook profile, so that all her friends learn about the company’s great service. Thanks to Comarch Omni-Channel Experience, you can make your customers just as happy. By presenting your offer across all channels, you can be sure your clients are aware of what is currently available, and can make their buying decisions however and wherever they need. Give your customers the ordering experience they expect with Comarch Omni-Channel Experience.

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