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Apple Experiment: Spending $2000…

okay I’m at Best Buy I’m about to buy
two Apple products I’ve never done this before I’ve never owned any kind of
MacBook any Apple computer before so that’ll be interesting and yeah it’s
gonna be a bit expensive but maybe after the 30 days I’ll find it it’ll be worth
that money I highly doubt that I have my reservations I’ve been an Android slash
Microsoft guy for a long time making this which I’m sure will not be easy but
uh least I get products that look good right okay just purchased these three things
we’ll go through it soon but yeah that was a pretty penny I will say okay so I
came out spending a bit more than I thought I was going to spend going in
I guess that’s consequence of going in store but I have the goodies but once
again more than I thought I would buy so I have the MacBook it’s the m3 processor
it’s the newest addition the 2016 Edition I bought an Apple sport watch in
the space gray color or whatever there that equivalent is because it’s not
exactly space grey and then I also bought an iPhone se so that’s the
basically the 6s internals but with the smaller form factor mainly because it
was cheaper and I didn’t want to spend more than 2 grand speaking of which I
almost spent that I spent about $2,000 on all of that so and I also bought one
of these which is a USB type-c 2 USB 3.1 thumb drive which I definitely need
considering the MacBook only comes with one I guess external port and that’s a
USB type-c port so yeah I’m already starting to feel the buyer’s remorse set
in just a little bit I don’t know I guess I guess I’ll be able to assess how
I truly feel about these things once I open them all up and start playing
around with them so I guess that’s the next part of the video let’s go and do
that okay so after well a few hours of getting everything situated East have an
Apple account with my iPhone 5s that I had before I produced my note 4 so I
synced all that up now when I get an iMessage notification or any any message
notification for that matter it all goes to here as well and it goes to my new
Apple watch so yeah these were the theory things that I purchased they’re
all synced up I wanted to get all that set up before I started filming so it
looked like I kind of knew what I was doing now but there are a few things
that I do notice right off the bat that I do absolutely love about this thing
and that’s what I want to share with you guys in this first little vlog e style
video here so first off right away yes everyone for the most part knows this
we’re looking at a USB type-c port here on the left and that’s it so first off
this thing has a USB type-c port on one side obviously and then the other side
right here boom USB 3.1 so yeah 32 gigs of it’s only like 17 bucks so it’s
better than nothing and this will allow me to transfer files
from my desktop to to my macbook which is great so that this is kind of a
must-have this is like the bare minimum I would recommend there are like Docs
you can plug in here that kind of just add expandable storage ports here USB
3.0 HDMI evens things like that that you can add here on the left side because
that is it folks that’s all you get is that one tiny little port over there in
the corner and not too many things at least currently are using that so that’s
something you have to consider when you purchase something like this the other
side obviously nothing but a single headphone jack this is already really
weird I’m just I’m not used to this like the whole operating system is just so so
different I I don’t I’ve never owned a MacBook I’ve never used OS X for longer
than like an hour and so yeah I’m having to learn how to navigate how to do
everything now this I am familiar with I am familiar with my iPhones I’ve used
iPhones in the past now this is the se so we’re looking at iPhone 6s specs so
the a9 chip all the goodies 64-bit architecture of course but in the iPhone
5s form factor which I actually like I like the smaller kind of more compact
phones much different than my Galaxy Note 4 just somewhere somewhere behind
me and again like I’ve got the matching spacecraft space grey and at the same
time the app watches it’s almost a matching color it’s slightly darker than
the than the actual one that’s actually in the light it actually is a little
lighter so yeah I kind of get all three match in here Space Gray that’s my
favorite color Space Gray and the these MacBooks and iPhones and all that good
stuff so yeah I like the color coordination looks like I kind of what
I’m doing so first off I want to address how beautiful this screen is it is
absolutely gorgeous I’m in love with Retina displays I love the IPS
technology in like insane viewing angles I mean there’s like no look at that you
know you’re not getting into that weird color Distortion you know the lights
turn to darks and all that good stuff so that’s the lovely thing about inter
plane switching screen technology on top of that you get great brightness so
right now we have it maxed out you see which
down to half brightness here it’s still definitely doable I used to use this all
the time this is a membrane keyboard so it has a kind of a kind of a mushy
feeling to it but it is very responsive there is plenty of key travel so you
know when you’re engaging the key anyway that’s that’s something that’s important
for me and over here we have a mechanical keyboard sums from Aki my
review of this keyboard is right right there but this is a mechanical keyboard
these riches and they feel completely different than the other two that I just
showed you so I have three different keyboard experiences here and I can say
without a shadow of a doubt that this is the greatest feeling of all three I mean
really the only difference is the key travel obviously you’re not going to
have very much key travel at all on these very thin laptops so I think these
butterfly switches here so it’s kind of a like a picture cross pattern when you
push the top of the key they kind of just fold in like that that’s
essentially what’s going on inside each of these key switches so I am still
trying to figure out this whole operating system deal I know that this
down here is where I can find pretty much everything so that’s good I kind of
can relate this to the windows experience it’s really weird having to
go to the top-left to exit and maximize windows and whatnot not the top right
like I’m used to on Windows but I mean I’m willing to make some compromises for
the sake of well extreme portability for one this laptop is super portable super
slim 12-inch screen I mean really this laptop is so thin when I do it like when
I move it to here the camera thinks I’m trying to trying to focus on stuff
behind it I can’t even get it to be detected by the center autofocus here
but this laptop is very very thin something I was looking for in a laptop
I was tied between this and a Dell XPS 13 I know a lot of people who use
Microsoft your Louisville windows would have told me that an XPS 13 would’ve
been a better choice but this is this is something different I wanted to change
things up that’s why I purchased this I don’t have buyer’s remorse not like I
thought I would after spending worth like $2,000 and all three of these
things I just really like how they’re all coordinated so this is literally
almost tied to this in every way and then my my watch is tied to my phone via
bluetooth so really everything is just-just coordinated so beautifully and
that’s that’s the perk of going with one company one manufacturer for all of your
devices okay so one thing I’m noticing is that geek wench for takes a lot
longer than Geekbench three days to finish and I say that because well I
don’t really know how long this should take but on my editing rig we’re looking
at 2 minutes and 20 seconds is going to be around 2 minutes and 30 35 seconds by
the time this finishes so that’s considerably longer than my geek bench 3
required to finish its test around maybe 50 55 seconds with a core i7 6700 K so I
here we go I guess we’re getting some live results here single core ok these
are definitely different scores than then what Geekbench 3 is pushing out so
23:46 and 4663 obviously nowhere close to what the i7 pushing out but I will
say this for a laptop that’s using a core m3 which is only a dual core hyper
threaded like point 9 gigahertz CPU that’s really it’s really not too shabby
I do have something that will actually allow me to edit video clips that’s
gonna be a lot better experienced than my one over 100 s was now but most of my
editing again will remain on my custom PC here so yeah you’re seeing kind of a
comparison here obviously the single core of this chip is better than the the
actual multi-core score of the m3 here on the MacBook 2016 but like what can I
say so we ought to see how I have been able to handle blackest applications
with the MacBook I am an engineering major so we’re you know I’m in the core
of my of my degree right now on the senior so I’m taking a lot of classes
that require heavy programs we’ll see if this thing can can handle a that if I
have to do it all on my desktop and obviously I fluent really don’t really
expect too many problems with that this is sporting the 12 megapixel camera and
that’s yeah the a9 chip oh I don’t really care much more about than that
and then the Apple watch that’s just something that I kind of just picked up
on the spot I said well I’m going Apple here and here so I might as well just
get the full package I will say one thing the MacBook speakers in here
are absolutely crystal clear I I did not I didn’t I really didn’t expect to have
such good speakers in such a slim device so that’s another plus for this there’s
just other things that I keep discovering about these devices that
that I really really enjoy that I guess taking away from that buyer’s remorse
that I otherwise would have experienced speaking of which if you think that I
should experience buyer’s remorse be sure to let me know in comments below
obviously make a lot of hate for this because I’ve been switch entirely from
Windows to this and from Android as well to Apple OS X and iOS just let me know
what you think about the transition be sure to stay tuned for the other vlogs
be posting multiple blogs with the course of the next 30 days and then
we’ll have the final verdict 30 days from now and I guess I’ll make up my
mind whether or not I’m going to keep these or just sell them off not gonna be
returning these products so it’s all spent it’s going to be spent I’m not
returning them so this is just a might are going to eat the cost or I’m going
to enjoy the products I’ve been with their day period but anyway folks be
sure to give this video a like if you thought it was cool give a dislike if
you feel complete opposite or if you hate everything about life be sure to
click the subscribe but if you have already stay tuned for well more of
these vlogs and some more tech related stuff I have a good one regarding CPUs
coming up tomorrow this is science studio thanks for
learning with us and bearing with me

Reader Comments

  1. If u enjoy the devices, then thats what all matters. Ima sg7 user and windows user but i love the apple designs better. Its just i cannot live without android os

  2. I just like that everything matches and is all connected. It’s so easy and the products are very good quality and have amazing resale value. They loose little money after about 2 years and are very easy and quick to sell. Also the customer service is top notch and they pretty much always find a solution and it’s as easy as walking into a store.

  3. I’m not really an Apple guy I have and a windows laptop I’ve never really been a fan of the MacBook it’s good to use on conserving space cuz you can move the things around on the desktop of it but wasn’t really used to it and I don’t like windows phones cuz I’ve had apples iPhones my whole life almost

  4. U got too much time on ur hands to get all picky bro. I mean goodness, ur even talking about color comparison like a woman at one point. ROFL sigh

  5. I've been on Apple for a year now and it's still lowkey annoying how I have no app drawer, can't download free music/ring tones, no headphone jack and can't have any themes on my phone lmao

  6. I was Android user all my life until last year I got a iPhone and I’ve never used android ever since. It was better in my opinion.

  7. I have actually completely switched to the Apple Ecosystem. For someone like me who doesn't do gaming, the Mac is just perfect. I have a Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Airpods. They all integrate almost perfectly. I grew up using Windows so there were some things in Mac OS that I found weird but I have gotten used to it and tweaked it to my liking. I honestly think it is empirically much better than Windows 10.

  8. For me, day 1 : trying to connect HDMI from the MacBook to a TV watch movie, FUCK IT, NO HDMI PORT??? , urgently needs to transfer some data on my USB drive, got my USB out, FUCK IT, NEED AN ADAPTER???? screw this garbage brand

  9. I would use Mac OS if they opened it to non-Apple hardware. It's just a cleaner OS that doesn't become bloated over time, like Windows does. Still, I'm sticking with Windows, because I have more fun using my own hardware.

  10. I just switched to an eye phone :/ It is a pretty phone and I love the hard ware. The os is super intuitive… but the user restrictions… omg the user restrictions, needless to say they about ruin the whole experience.

  11. hi, I would like to know your opinion after 2 years with apple products if you stop using android also if you a deep in ecosystem and you not going back ?

  12. Imma be honest I switched to iPhone for one reason is because I’m big Snapchat user, other than that I like Samsung better

  13. I understand that is their Laptops are expensive, but I will say that picking the Macbook was not the best choice, since it is the lowest model of Macbooks and only has a mobile processor

  14. Well, I will never spend 1000$ for a stupid phone, just like I will never spend 1300$$ for a GPU. Apple definition in my mind——– overpriced, underpowered.

  15. I use both ecosystems. The bottom line is that each system has their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the consumer has to decide which is best for their specific needs and preferences.

  16. 2:54; as a person who has both, you do know that you can easily transfer your files across the two devices using file sharing through the SSH shell using your local network, right? No stick needed.

  17. I’m almost all Apple. I’ve never owned an Android device but I do have a PC desktop but my laptop is a 2018 MacBook Pro (13-inch with Touch Bar base model 2.3GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB memory and 256GB SSD) and I use an iPhone and iPad (currently the iPad 6th generation and iPhone 6)

  18. I am a big fan of Apple products but I still respect the fact that people like you prefer a different product than I do

  19. Personally I like Mac's but I wish they had better gpu's like I'd they could get a gtx 1050 or something in there that laptop would be amazing

  20. I may use pretty much all apple products but am not an apple fanboy, and to be honest the 13” MacBook Pro is a better buy. It’s the same price and it comes with an i5 instead of an m3 and it has a graphics card in it, its bigger and the speakers are better, the camera is a lot better quality. I’d say go for that instead

  21. I'm a 20 year (former) Mac user and PC builder. I'd say you are in for a treat when you begin to discover the advantages of the Mac OS. I miss my Mac, but I love my custom PC's.

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