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Anguil Environmental Corporate Video

Hello, I’m Gene Anguil CEO and Founder of Anguil Environmental Systems During this short video we’re going to give
you a brief look at our company, our air pollution control products and
our corporate philosophy. We’ll take you through Anguil headquarters, our fabrication facilities, and some oxidizer installations. Before we get started, let me tell
you a little bit about our history The company was started in 1978, this was shortly after the EPA issued a set of requirements to reduce air pollution control Since it’s inception, we had dedicated our efforts to
designing products to meet the EPA regulations in an
energy efficient manner. Headquartered in milwaukee wisconsin we
also have offices, fabrication facilities and installation capabilities throughout north America, Asia, Europe and Australia. This gives us the necessary tools and confidence to assess to resolve a wide range of air
pollution issues without global focus. We offer multiple oxidizer technologies
for the destruction of gaseous air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, hazardous air pollutants frequently
called haps and ordorous emissions. We design, manufacture, service and installed regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) as well as direct fired catalytic and
thermal recruperative systems. This ensures an unbiased equipment
selection for each application based on the destruction requirements, efficiency needs and process parameters from the client. Our company also specializes in heat and
energy recovery systems that help customers reduce operating
costs and minimize their environmental
footprint. Waste heat from energy consuming processes and exhaust stacks can be captured and returned as process air, hot water, steam, plant heat or electricity. Our systems are designed with return on
investment and pay back in mind which is crucial in these times of
rising energy costs and global warming concerns. On the service our capabilities are
second to none. We stock and offer spare part program preventive maintenance evaluations equipment retrofits operating cost
reviews in engineering studies and not just on our equipment. On any given year, we service over 400 oxidizers
that were manufactured by over twenty different oxidizer suppliers. I like to say that anguil has been in
business for over thirty years because we provide solutions today, that help our customers remain
profitable tomorrow. Now I will turn the discussion over to my son Chris
Anguil who will share some information with you
about the markets we serve and our valued personnel. Thank you for your attention. I’m chris Anguil, President of Anguil Environmental Systems. I’m going to tell you a little bit more
about our experience with various applications The company got its start in the
flexographic printing industry destroying solvent based fumes at large-scale
printers Today, our emission control systems are
installed on almost every process in just about every industry from paints spray booths and coating lines
to amine treators and metal decorating applications to chemical, petrochemical,
pharmaceutical processes, composite manufacturing, and remediation sites we
utilize our application knowledge to address your specific needs. This
experience within your industry enables us to seemlessly integrate our
system into your processes. One of Anguil’s greatest strengths is our personnel, approximately half of our staff agreed
engineers providing our customers with technical
excellence. In addition two-thirds of our employees
have been with Anguil for over five years, ensuring our customers the best team in
the industry is supporting them. Anguil is one of the few companies in the
industry that offers true turnkey solutions. With our experienced group of engineers
and field technicians we will make sure your system is delivered as promised on
time and within budget. Now I will hand it off to Deb Anguil, where she is ready to show you some of
our manufacturing capabilities. Hi, I’m Deb Anguil, Chief Operating Officer for Anguil
Environmental and I’m here to talk a little bit about our capabilities on the
operation side of our business including engineering, fabrication, installation and
commissioning. We value every order and believe meeting
our customers expectations while remaining flexible in our approach
is a key to our success. With a staff of experienced engineers
representing a variety of disciplines we had the expertise to analyze project
details from a process, mechanical and electrical perspective. Our systems are designed with 3D
modeling software, allowing us to make significant process
improvements in fabrication as well as minimizing fit up issues on
complex installations in the field. Anguil has access to over a hundred and
ten thousand square feet of fabrication space locally, with the process in place to qualify new
fabrication facilities in any location. From a global perspective we have fabricated
systems in both Europe and Asia utilizing our Anguil personnel and
international partners to provide oversight, insuring all systems meet our quality
standards. If required, we can fabricate, assemble and temporarily connect our
units to utilities to provide factory
acceptance test for customers prior to shipping assistant to the site. Over the years we have developed strong
relationships with packaging and logistics company such that we can get our units where
they’re needed throughout the world Similar to our fabrication diversification, we’ve developed processes to allow Anguil
to provide either full installation packages or work closely with our customers
subcontractors in a supervisory role. Our installation team members have
strong electrical and mechanical backgrounds, allowing Anguil to properly plan and
execute all types of installations from sample to highly complex installs,
including ancillary equipment and ductwork and detailed site specifications. Upon completion of any installation, our
experienced field service engineers travel to sites for final commissioning leaving our customer within operational
system ready to meet their environmental regulations and provide cleaner air for
all of us. Your air pollution control or energy
recovery system represents two things; a significant investment and a long-term
commitment by your company. From design and fabrication, to installation, start-up and service, our experienced staff is ready to help meet your needs and
objectives Anguil is proud to be a family owned and
operated manufacturer engaged in an industry that ensures future generations a
sustainable environment. The entire organization remains dedicated
to our slogan committed to cleaner air We hope you enjoyed the tour of Anguil Environmental Systems. On behalf of our entire staff we thank you for your interest in our
company and welcome the opportunity to be of

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