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Am I too old for climate activism? | Trees vs Palm Oil

this is pita beak at 70 years pitas a
self-made climate activists Jessica Rita – American Sweden one day Pete decided
to start a silent revolution in his home country Indonesia a revolution that is
turning once deforested land back into lush forests peat is from Indonesia for
now and like most of the people in this island he belongs to the diag tribe a
tribe known for being so connected to nature they call forests it’s their
supermarket as their basis of life more than 25% of the world population depends
on forests for survival when managed poorly this puts forests and wildlife
under pressure Indonesia has lost almost 25 percent of
its original forest cover since 1990 the main culprit is the palm oil industry it
has cleared vast pieces of land to satisfy global demand for this oil I met
Pete in 2017 when I first visited it causes tree planting project in
Indonesia back then we went out to see the farmers Pete had convinced the plant
trees with him these farmers had previously deforested their lands to
produce rice or plant palm oil trees rural communities in Indonesia often
depend on the palm oil industry to earn their salary multinational companies
promise them a lot of money in exchange for their lands to plant palm oil on
them which they promised them will also create extra jobs for the community
tapping the fruit of the palm oil collecting it and bringing it to their
factories the problem is that monocultures of any tree species
destroyed the soil so the palm oil companies exploit farmers lands pump a
lot of fertilizers in there to keep the palm trees growing and then eventually
they leave at a certain point the soil just can’t grow anything anymore so
farmers are left with no productive land and no reliable source of income this is
what Pete wanted to fix but how does one change the palm oil industry on their
own instead of thinking too big Pete acted locally he went around through his
hometown and convinced a couple of hundred farmers to do things differently
instead of selling their lands all for just planting rice in them he asked them
to plant all kinds of productive trees around them like rubber tinkle tinkle
Wong or durian all of which produce fruits and other forest goods like sugar
nuts which the farmers and their families can use either to consume
themselves or to sell in local and international markets all without
destroying the forests but rather helping it regenerate this is Siegen he is one of the farmers
working with people at first he was skeptical but because his land was no
longer productive he decided to give Pete’s ideas a try back in 2017 this is
how siegen’s land look like fast forward two years later this is Pete
standing on that same spot now filled with a lush regenerated forest that
picture was taken in February 2019 it might not seem like a revolution but
what Pete is doing is causing a chain reaction a date Pete has convinced about
2,000 farmers in Borneo to plant trees in their labs which is giving them a
better life and protecting the climate with time more and more neighboring
communities are asking to join Pete’s program as climate activists go to Tim
Bergman said you are never too small to make a difference and the speed is
proving you’re never too old to care for the generations coming after you hi I’m
Fatima and I documented Kouzes tree planting projects in Latin America Spain
and Southeast Asia Nicosia is a search engine the plants
trees because it works like any other search engine but we use our money to
plant trees all over the world if you’d like to see more of our videos make sure
to subscribe to kosis youtube channel for more background info in this episode
make sure to read the description of this video will link to useful resources
on the topic and download our Kozar to help us plant more trees thank you

Reader Comments

  1. This is awesome. After visiting Borneo in 2013 (which happened to be the same time to discovered what palm oil was) I was pretty depressed with what I saw. However this gives me hope knowing that there's guys like this out there helping regenerate such a special place.

  2. Amazing work. Thank you for helping our climate. As a 15-year-old, it's nice to see grown-ups around the world caring about the future of my generation.

  3. Piet is an inspiration! I'm trying my best to reduce my co2 footprint. It's a process but everybody can do their bit to save our planet.

  4. No matter how interesting the package looks, I want to know if there is any palm oil. If there is, I drop it like it's hot

  5. Guys, contact the people working on team trees, just a shout out from them could empower you to plant tons and tons of trees.

  6. Im about to reach 500 searches. I know it plants one tree about every 45 searches, but all of us combined makes a huge number! I use Ecosia every day!

  7. I'm an English teacher in Korea and I always use Ecosia and tell my students about it. I'm so happy that Ecosia is growing faster and faster!


  9. You guys should partner with WWF The Nature Conservancy conservation International and the UN environmental program

  10. how about giving us videos in the background of the search engine like how bing does pictures and videos in theirs? It would give more hope in Ecosia. Like in a big amount! Some don't see these videos but putting them right in front on their faces would make them see it. And seeing trees being planted is very satisfying

  11. Youtube is freaking out about mr beast pledge to plant 20 million trees but ecosia has plant 72 million trees and counting. Why is ecosia not on the youtube trending list

  12. I am not saying mr beast project is not noble but i dont understand why on of his vidios about planting 20 million trees has 17 million views and counting while ecosia hole chanle only has seven

  13. We need to like and share and comment on ecosia video as much as posibel to get the word out the future of humanity is at stake

  14. Thank you for making this video! It's really inspiring and I learned a lot – I hope more and more people catch on to revolutions like Piet's. Also, thanks Ecosia for being Ecosia!!

  15. using echosia because it's something i can do to help even though i don't have money or the opportunity to help with my work.

  16. Inspiring! I just don't understand one thing: if farmers' lands become unproductive, why don't they do something about it in the first place? It is also in their interest to continue (not necessarily with palm oil, of course). Piet did a great job convincing people to change, but I just wonder why these people never made a shift to other cultures?

  17. Thanks for doing updates on our country! I highly hope you guys would plant more trees specifically in Indonesia since we're currently having a HUGE DEVASTATING forest fire.
    New trees are highly needed to netralize the thick haze on the island of Borneo.If you read this,please reply to let me know! Thanks Ecosia!!

  18. Ecosia is amazing! I am using it on my PC and on my mobile too! Respect for Peter! We need more people like him in this world! Thank you for all of you.

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    Another simple way to give is to make your search engine on both phone and computer, who also have an app, it plants a tree every time you do approximately 45 internet searches, or an average of 1 pound (0.45 KG) of CO2 reduction with every search. We cannot all afford to get arrested at Extinction Rebellion protests but we can both play our part, and get are endorphin boost with an activity that we would be doing anyway.

  20. Ecosia, I love you❤️ Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to do good for the Earth. I’m spreading the message to all my friends and at my school and in any way I can. You should partner up with team trees, the new YouTube movement thing.

  21. I worked out the planting rate needs to increase to 30 trees per second for us to reach 1 billion (1,000,000,000) trees by December 2020.  Keep passing ecosia to others.

  22. Thank you so much for all you are doing!! Much love to Piet!!!! I am also wondering though if this is helping the orangutans and other endangered animals in Borneo? Are the farmers allowing them to live on the newly planted forest as well?

  23. this is so amazing and that he started small, locally and is making a huge change to affect so many others. very inspiring. what a great man.

  24. Encore du super boulot, continuez! De mon côté je continue d'essayer de convaincre des gens pour qu'ils utilisent Ecosia!

  25. This Ecosia is actually doing better1 Right now i'm just starting at 4 searches, hopefully I reach up to a higher number!

  26. Fabulous, just a note, I recently wrote and illustrated four children's books all have- English and Chinese (Simplified) with PinYin; one of the books – "Gregor and Genesta's magic stick adventures: In the Jungle" talks about Palm oil deforestation and orangutans.

  27. Hey Ecosia! Thanks for such a wonderful and an eye-opening video! As a Bornean who live in Sarawak, Malaysia, the deforestation effect causes by palm oil industry is a crystal clear, yet always have no action whatsoever by anyone else here. To be honest, for to-be-plantation tycoon boss/tauke in the future, please, whatever type of plantation you do have today, make sure it is sustainable, yet profitable not only us as a human, but also for nature. Even us that have not so much power with what this guy did, all what we could do is search using Ecosia (make sure to turn off/whitelist the Adblock, otherwise Ecosia team can't do any good deed with our global forest), use biodegradable plastic/bag, practice and apply 6R and turn off any electrical appliances when not in use. Anyway, I hope that everyone will use Ecosia for the good of mankind and Ecosia will continuously improve it's service and privacy of it's user so that it will be a great viable alternative to the much popular search engine, such as Google. Go #TeamTrees!

  28. Major thumbs up Ecosia! Thank you for doing this video.

    My wife and my step son currently live in Bontang Indonesia, East Borneo and I know this island desperately need protection and people need to be educated about what is going on. Not just here, but everywhere.

    We are all in this together.

    May God bless your work.

  29. Ich denke wir sollten uns lieber auf Umweltschutz statt auf Klimaschutz konzentrieren. Das Klima veränderte sich schon immer. Die heutige Verschmutzung ist allerdings ein Problem!

  30. We need more like Pete lots more. And be carefull the palm oil industry backed by corporations wont hesitate to kill u. Take care and watch your back💪💪

  31. The fact that Pete actually has a plan (and not just the idea that we need to save the world) and managed to convince people to actively make a difference makes him a real climate activist.

  32. I like to google a little better because it will give you instant definitions and things like that, I'm also more to it. Although Ecosia has a good cause, and because of that I'm willing to change my search engine

  33. It would be so cool if you joined #teamtrees, you're the best I've been using ecosia for 1 year now and it's been really cool. I'm only at 3,750 researches but that's because I mainly stay on the big platforms and I don't do much research

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