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AI for Good

Like never before, our world is changing. faced with some of our most critical challenges, human ingenuity triumphs. Today, the Microsoft AI for Good initiative enables a person with an idea to accelerate it, to give it scale, to create change for the better. Microsoft AI will help our work by empowering people to take action. Through AI for Earth, photos can now help save a species. With AI for Accessibility, the visual world becomes an audible experience. “Sanitarium Peanut Butter.” And with AI for Humanitarian Action, first responders can target their efforts faster than ever before. It feels humbling to know that I’m actually helping another human being. Today we are empowering others to forge new paths. To fight famine before a crisis strikes. And protect ecosystems by identifying forests, down to a single tree. We have the forests that we have today, we can’t change that, what we can change is the future. Microsoft AI is fueling some of the most passionate and creative people on our planet… With the help of citizen scientists… to make change, once thought impossible… …real. AI will know and understand, and model based on the child interaction. AI unleashes new possibilities to impact our world. And together, we’re not just dreaming it, we’re doing it.

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  1. Happy to see real-world AI being used for good, much like the Machine being used for good to know before bad things happen to people.

    "Her purpose has remained consistent, to save and protect humanity. It's what She's doing now," – Harold Finch

  2. Ola estou precisando de ajuda, pedi ajuda no facebook mas o pessoal de la so me da as mesmas respostar
    minha conta do hotmail foi bloqueada e nao to consegundo recuperar porque nao tenho o numero de telefone nem o email altarnetivo
    alguem pode me ajudar

  3. This vid is about helping our planet but the vid uploaded 1hour before this was about fixing road, making more people pollute earth with cars knowing the roads are safer.

  4. Hey guys. Oh, you mean like the AI you worked on and sold to Communist China so it could use it to round up Muslims, Falun Gong, Christians, and other dissidents, stick them in concentration camps, and harvest their organs? You mean the way they are using it against the #HongKong protesters? You mean the way the regime intends to use it against the US if war were to break out? You people should hang. Traitors. #humanrights violators. #SJW trash. (Cross-posted forever on Dissenter. #GetOnGab)

  5. Fire 99% of your software engineers. STOP creating dependencies for previously unrelated things in each update. All it does is cause me problems.

  6. Im suppose to be leaving for a trip, but im here wrestling with the stupidity of your staff. The latest update breaks the start menu. ZERO corruption, even silent. Its just insanely pathetic programming. Its three days out from release, and its already a known issue. To me that would be grounds for mass firing. Are you hiring chimps?

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