Importance of Natural Resources

Agricultural crops as a sustainable source of energy?

VOICE-OVER: Agricultural crops
as a sustainable source of energy? Growing agricultural crops
for biofuel requires land. If we use nature areas to do so,
we’ll not only lose nature but also cause CO2 to be released
from vegetation and soil. This would be unsustainable
and should be avoided. Therefore, at the moment
existing agricultural lands are used that before were used
for growing food crops. Will this cause
food prices to rise? Are we producing more food elsewhere
on the same size of land? There is a risk of food production
shifting to another location, which would still cause nature
to be converted into agricultural land. Exactly where
is uncertain. The related CO2 emissions
during the first few years will be about the same or more
than those of petrol or diesel. These are the indirect
land use change effects. Model calculations show
that they are very likely to occur but because their location is uncertain
effects are difficult to measure.

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