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Agonising Wait For Elephant To Wake Up | This Wild Life | BBC

Frank and the team are fitting edison’s tracking collar so this is a new type of collar that we’re trying it’s a little bit easier to put on at the other ones and instead of having a big lead weight of Department all the brains are down in the weight as well it may look big but for an elephant it’s just like wearing a watch the collars on now it’s time to wake Addison up so we just can’t jump back in the car that was after sixty minutes they had to touch the sky so let’s wait and see how long it takes him to wake up the antidote counteracts the effects of the tranquilizer all going to plan Edison should be back on his feet within a couple of minutes but he’s not this is when everything stops and everything gets quiet and the second hand seems to go around the watch a bit slower and you wait for him to to get up the first sign will be looking for us this is yeah twitching you owe me just a couple of minutes is there he’s been down too long and they’re worried vet Matthew Mouton de Menezes another shot of antidote my heart really isn’t on earth you seen this before George yeah and like this at all stupid time oh thank god that’s a big relief he’s paying a lot of attention to it he’s sniffing it thinking what the hell is this thing why am I wearing in vector suddenly I’ve only done about telling them that every elephant that I have been involved in covering leaves you the special attachment to the elephants like when we follow on the tracking system you know what they’re like and you feel that you feel like an outsider and you see they’re very light what’s an orphan tiger I smile always have a feeling for Edison

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  1. In this day & age and with an animal so large, you'd think we'd be able to implant a tiny tracking device under the skin that doesn't serve as a reminder to the elephant and all its friends that he's been abducted by humans.

  2. I have such admiration for these people who take such care of all these animals. They have a good heart, only someone with a good hearr does that

  3. the most high god is going to punish all of you Edomits for all the sins and wickedness that you do to all his animals.for your own self gratification and fun

  4. Quit putting collars on all animals, just leave them be, protect there habitat and them from poachers, plant what they need to eat, ect… if they then fo instinct so be it that's what evolution is all about, stop messin with the animals, how would u like if the drugged u to put on a collar u could not remove, or aliens, did that to us, leave them alone.

  5. Detesto esses colares desconfortáveis que os homens colocam nos animais…. deixem os animais em paz.

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  7. Para qué les cuelgan cosas extrañas a sus cuerpos? A ver si les gustaría un collar con una cajita colgada al cuello.
    Si los ayudan a salvarlos ya es hartísimo y se les agradece. Ojalá no les cuelguen más cosas en sus cuerpos ni orejas.

  8. Les RooBañn cu(su)s QoRmiL7os Los ma7añ i Luego asen uñ QaRisma7iQo BiDeo paRa Qe La BiRjeñci7a Lo Bea espeRemos QuañDo mueRañ aBeR ci(si) engañam a sañnm peDRo gRasias

  9. Как же мне нравятся глаза людей в эти моменты. Там такой спектр классных эмоций! Ровно таких, которые испытываешь и сама при просмотре данного ролика!

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