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Friends, family… Sure we won’t have
any interruptions? [ Spits ]
I object! [ Crowd gasping ] [ Adam spits ] Nearly all wedding traditions
are nothing but pointless and expensive displays
of wealth. Even though the Olympics are a multi-billion-dollar industry, everyone from the athletes to the cities that host
the games gets screwed. Sorry, but low-fat foods
don’t help you lose weight. And the only reason
you think they do is because of bad science
and worse marketing. Restaurant tipping is a custom
that short-changes servers, inconveniences customers, and makes the dining
experience worse for everyone. Why are you here? Oh, sorry. Almost all lawn grass in America is actually native to Africa,
Europe, and Asia. Today’s slot machines don’t
just steal your money, they’re deliberately
engineered addiction. Hospitals make a ton of money overcharging out-of-network
patients. It’s a real cash cow. As a matter of basic physiology,
it’s pretty much impossible to suck toxins out
through your skin. In the 21st century, if you want
to earn a decent living, you pretty much have
to go to college. Corn is destroying the American
diet and the environment. [ Screams ] I think it’s time to visit
the Ghost of Dinner Past. Are you talking
about farts? Did you know that lobster was originally considered
food for the poor? A lot of art is only
considered brilliant because it was already popular. There’s very little evidence that the TSA has ever
stopped a terrorist. Mexican drug cartels have
infiltrated the avocado trade. There’s no quick and easy way to
tell who you’re a match for. Summer vacation is actually
making you dumber. The risk of dehydration
is way overblown. Vitamin supplements
don’t cure colds. Our justice system
is riddled with flaws. Dog breeds aren’t
even a real thing. Cars are inherently unsafe. You think I don’t
know those things?! And they’re just terrifying to think about! [ Screams ] Sorry.
I guess the payload on the truth bomb
was a little bigger than I expected.
[ Chuckles ] [ Xylophone plays ] That was terrifying. No more!

Reader Comments

  1. My only problem with Adam is that he’s wrong about a lot of what he says and everyone thinks he’s a genius for what he says on his show but that’s only cause his script writers are doing the work and studying for him and then he just reads the script.(hell if you wanna see what Adam looks like without a script watch Adam talk to Joe Rogan ). Plus when he sites information it’s from his own site or a super left leaning individual so that should speak volumes about this “intelligent” man (child).

  2. Now tell everyone that their votes do not matter because all governments around the world (with few exceptions) are owned and operated by the Financial Sector. Expose lobbyists. Expose corporate irresponsibility and possible genocidal intent.

  3. It's funny how stupid you have to believe this guy's opinions. That's mostly what he talks about. He should work for CNN.

  4. Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam !
    Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam !
    Please don't cancel Adam ! Please don't cancel Adam !

  5. hes so cringy and incorrect a majority of the time.. most immigrants dont fly here, he is wrong and spreading more false agenda 😂

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