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A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment | Andrew Scheer

Climate Change is a global problem requiring
a global solution. And what Justin Trudeau’s been trying to pass
off as his climate plan is just a tax grab. His carbon tax will only make everyday essentials
more expensive while giving Canada’s biggest polluters a break. Conservatives have a plan to protect the environment,
with action at home and leadership abroad. Our approach targets big polluters, not commuters. And it focuses on technology, not taxes. We will ensure that industrial polluters here
in Canada accelerate homegrown emissions-reducing technologies which can then be shared with
the world’s highest emitting countries. This will lower global emissions without making
gas and groceries more expensive. That’s my plan.

Reader Comments

  1. Funny, a price on pollution is the classic conservative approach to the problem – send price signals to the market, and let individuals and businesses innovate their way to saving money by reducing carbon.

  2. What we need to do above all else is dig ourselves out of this debt hole. besides China. India and the US are the top countries polluting our atmosphere.

  3. it's not a bad plan. I like the part where we can share technology with other countries because fundamentally canada is not the problem (1% of global emission). If we can share emission reducing technology with india, china, the usa, that sounds good to me.

  4. Pleasantly surprised with this plan. Particularly like penalizing companies that exceed emissions targets by forcing them to invest in green technologies rather than being taxed. I also appreciate the acknowledgement that the problem is global with Canada only making up 1.5% of global GHGs and dropping. By getting Canadian energy products to developing countries (China and India) we can move them off coal to nat gas, which won't increase their energy prices but will reduce their emissions up to 75%.

  5. You have my vote however I do support a plastic ban. Just so you know many conservatives are also environmentalists. Also, please put Trudeau’s bumbling I-drink-water-bottles lying stupidity in your marketing campaign. Don’t be shy because the Libs are definitely down with their all-out well-funded brand warfare.

  6. You’ll have to use lots of fossil fuels to cover the reconstruction of classrooms, as well as pump air conditioning into school buildings after expanding class sizes though.

  7. I pray for God to bring in a conservative Government. May his favor follow you Mr. Scheer. And I hope and pray you stand up for what is right and just. Blessings…

  8. When will the Conservatives step up?! How are we still talking about this "global warming" BS? Polar bears didn't die off, their populations have been increasing for decades. So, that was a lie. The arctic ice is still there despite Gore and many others saying it would be gone by 2007, then 2009, then 2012 and 2014…and so on. Not to mention the same predictions that were made decades ago. That was a lie. The antarctic ice is the thickest it's ever been since mankind has been studying it. So the notion that it was losing ice was a lie. The oceans haven't risen as predicted, so that was a fear mongering lie. The number of violent storms, tornadoes hurricanes and flooding have gone down from the beginning of the 20th century to now…so, saying that storms et al have been getting worse have been lies. I remember when people were saying that that world was going to end in 1196, then 1999, then again in 2000…and then again to coincide with the Mayan calendar. None of that has happened. I want to know how long we need to go before we finally put this "global warming" BS to bed. I also want to know who will be going to jail because they were pushing this fear mongering hoax on the public and into our schools with such total disregard for the facts.

  9. What is the action plan though? Good words and good hopes. What technologies are going to be set in place? By taxing the big companies will they just ship off to different countries who have lenient carbon laws?

  10. the Conservatives are drinking the climate alarm Kool Aid – worse, they propose a back room, good old boys, cap and trade hidden carbon tax rather than the open and transparent (and most importantly revenue neutral) that is perhaps the only good thing the Liberals have done: you don't have to drink the Kool Aid to support conservation and energy efficiency. Conservatives used to know better – Mulroney brought in the GST because the old tax was hidden from consumers (meaning any corruption or favoritism is also hidden) essentially this CPC environmental policy brings in a hidden manufacturer's tax on energy.

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