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A Peek Inside Aruba's Smart Digital Workplace Ecosystem

we're aruba what we're known for is connecting people right we're networking company what we're really trying to do is create a digital modern workplace everything mobile phones laptops tablets devices and things that require a connection we just enable that mobility things that are usable anywhere on the campus inside and outside so here at Aruba as a guest comes in they simply sign in with their name their company who they're here to see do you always have to be concerned about both physical and network security for your visitors Aruba technology generates internet access codes it's just automated we give them easy almost frictionless access to guests Internet you print out nice bright orange visitor badges my visitor checks in she gets online and I'm actually notified that she's here all in one smooth step it's almost a concierge level experience come on we have over a thousand employees here about 140 conference rooms every conference room has an iPad outside so you can actually book a conference room from that or you can actually use one of our space reservation tools and book any room in a building so for instance if I want to find Serena Williams conference room I can search it and it shows that it's available or not and how long it's available for and then I can go ahead and book it right from this app before the meeting ends light flickers so maybe wrap your discussion up you know take your notes and get out so the next person can come in you can even find desks that are available you can actually book a desk for a period of time if you want to change its scenery I currently work in the help days and the constant question I get is where can I find this or work I find that for example Greg is a new transfer to this location he needs to find the digital whiteboard the campus app is also a great feature that we had within Aruba you're able to locate assets just by a click of a button come on look for the digital whiteboard for him now I need to locate Greg and wait oh there you go he's right there I don't have a permanent desk yet there's so many amenities in this building that you can find an area you can find a place for you and anyone you want to work with at any time and thanks for that so I could really work wherever whenever I wanted to in this building for example if I had something to do and I didn't want to move from this spot I could work right here or here or I can work here or here Cheers there's a lot of focus right now around having the right spin spaces are becoming increasingly more dynamic we're bringing in things like these foam pods here which we found that our end users really like we're going to be rolling out more of these and some of our other spaces we're a four into our new Portland office this happens to be what real estate uses we're putting one here in these four corners it would save exit yeah and then basically well and stuff oh I should just show up on the map then right yeah see with in Viridian yeah Wow yeah of easy now you know our friend Greg who's the new arrival actually likes to be next to us from pod so here there's actually an open space if I were to just assign or real estate where to sign Greg once again the updates will be automatic if you click on that you'll see he should be you on the map right next to the foot not the soundscape in technology in this building is fantastic not only does it bring down that volume but it also brings in an environmental sounds like falling water or kind of peaceful things that make me feel a little more comfortable about being booths I mean they're they're great they're good they're small they're quiet they could be a really great addition for us as well yeah I mean you know something that we can do maybe a little later or it's a great addition for all of these things the smart space is really a combination of design and function a digital modern workplace open spaces different ways of seating different ways of working we help to enable that mobile first way of life you

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