Importance of Natural Resources

A New Nature

As long as we’re
on this earth, there is the
sin nature (knocking sound) that keeps knocking on
the door of our hearts, (knocking sound) saying, “Oh, that
would be fun. Remember how we used
to do this together? Remember the
momentary pleasure that you got from
pornography or lust? Remember how you
came out on top when you were
selfish? Remember how you could
argue others under the table and you’d get
your way? Let’s do that
again.” There’s a new nature
that says, “You don’t need
to go there. You don’t serve that
master any longer.” I used to sing
a song with a former minister of
music at a church: “I sing a new song since
Jesus came, serve a new
master, I wear a new
name, walk a new
road, have a new
goal, know a new peace down
deep in my soul.” That’s the song of the believer
walking in the Spirit.

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