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  1. I dont like a boss who lays off his people not because of their incompetence but because of his own incompetence. That's what Lubin is.

  2. According to Forbes and Verge articles, Joe Lubin is imcompetent, spending too much money while employees getting layed off.

  3. Recent publications in Forbes and The Verge cast a big shadow over the competence and honesty of Joseph Lubin.

  4. For Joseph Lubin, blockchain is a way to become a billionaire because he found out to be incompetent and dishonest, according to Forbes. As a result, ConsenSys is in a mess.

  5. Joe Lubin is found out to be incompetent and dishonest, according to Forbes. As a result, ConsenSys is in a mess. Doesn't sound trustworthy to me!

  6. Joseph Lubin/ConsenSys plans to spin out most of its startups, and it's going to mean layoffs

  7. I do not trust Joe Lubin after reading so many negative articles! Consensys is a mess!

  8. I prefer to avoid anything that is related to Joe Lubin and recommend others to do so if they care about their money at all. Lubin/ Consensys appears to be burning cash at a rate of more than $100 million a year. I recommend everyone to read this:

  9. I hope all of you have gone through the mess Joseph has done in recent past, explore from the websites you will know more.

  10. So you supposedly have 1,000 000 hi-IQ people working on scaling at this point and you still can't do it.
    What does that tell ordinary investors, in your 'learned' opinion?
    Quite possibly: Ethereum CANNOT scale.
    Prove me wrong.
    I give you six months.
    Why would anyone want to 'buidl' an ecosystem around a platform THAT DOESN'T WORK???
    Talk about putting the cart before the horse!
    Common sense, people…
    This is a simple matter of common sense.
    I want more than gobbledygook, jazz hands and Millennial wishful 'thinking' about a young man who clearly feigns having autism in order to bolster his reputation as some sort of 'genius'.
    I, as an investor, expect more than tall-tales: I expect RESULTS.
    BTW, how many times are you going to 'revamp' your roadmap?
    Why can't you deliver something tangible to investors?
    Do you know how ridiculous Ethereum 1X sounds?
    Constantinople is not precisely ground-breaking stuff either…
    What are you people up to besides travelling the world, PRETENDING to do something of value?
    You have just reached the same status, in my mind, as Bitcon – pun INTENDED – core 'developpers' : that of CON-ARTISTS.

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