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A Hands-on Guide to Customer Engagement in Service Delivery

This is Bob, the technician He came to Lisa’s house to install the new smart TV enhancement that she ordered just two hours ago. How did he manage to arrive so fast? Thanks to field service management solution provided by Comarch. Let’s rewind the story to show you why Comarch FSM guarantees such a big step forward for your company. The telco customers are recently getting more and more used to their devices and services running smoothly, and new offers of your competitors popping every day. So it’s crucial for you not only to achieve but also to maintain deep satisfaction of your clients. Ongoing servitization often makes the service quality along with customer experience and engagement even more important than the product itself. With the ongoing uberization of services, Lisa is used to order them quickly. She didn’t want to make numerous calls and talk to various assistants – and she didn’t have to. She just set everything up through the client portal in Comarch FSM app and now gets notification about the details, when the technican will come and where he is. The system receives the ticket immediately and automatically decides which technican is skilled to manage the job and is near the customer. It chooses Bob so the notification appears in technician’s schedule with all the useful information, including the best route. And that’s how he got here. Simple, right? And the benefits are numerous, including improved customer experience, better organization of work within operator’s ecosystem, faster reaction for any malfunction and last but not least greater control over the service level available for clients. Get your customers engaged and keep them satisfied choose Comarch FSM

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