Importance of Natural Resources

A Fisherman on the Front Lines of Climate Change

[Kurt] I remember on Christmas time
going down to the landing and walking around my boat, you
know, walking around on the ice. [Chris] Every fisherman that I talked to
has a story about climate change. [Kurt] Since then, we haven’t had
ice in the salt water, but a few times that was
thick enough to walk on. [Chris] One of the things that The Nature
Conservancy is well position to do is work collaboratively to solve
the problems that are facing both fishermen and our oceans. [Kurt] Every day I write down just a
few notes of what I did in that day. [Chris] Fisherman’s livelihood depends on being good
observers of the natural world. [Kurt] I write down briefly the weather
conditions and what I caught. [Chris] Here in New England, our oceans are changing faster
than 99% of the world’s oceans. [Kurt] You see the same pattern go on
for a number of years and now, all of the sudden, you know,
a drastic change. [Chris] In some cases,
fish like Atlantic cod are moving to the north away from
our waters, and in other cases, fish like black sea bass suddenly
has become a really active fishery. [Kurt] You know, it’s in
every changing business, and it’s become really hard the changes,
faster things are changing climate wise. [Chris] In fisheries in the US
and around the world, we’ve seen incredible recoveries
where a small change has led to an incredible resurgence
of particular stocks. [Chris] Nature is amazing at
solving its own problems if we just give it a
little bit of a chance.

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