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50 Natural English Expressions

Hi, I’m Vanessa from Today, I have some good news and some bad
news. Let’s start with the bad news. The bad news is that you probably spent a
lot of time in boring, middle school and high school English classes. You felt a lot of stress, a lot of worry about
learning English because it just wasn’t fun. You had to study for test. You had to memorize list of vocabulary. This is definitely not an enjoyable or effective
way to learn anything, especially English, but I have some good news. Now, you can choose your own teacher, your
own materials, your own method, the style. Now, you are an adult and you can choose what
you do with English. This is exactly what is the best way to learn
when you choose what’s the best style for you. On Skype, I’ve taught over 2000 English lessons
to English learners around the world. You know what? Almost everyone makes the same two mistakes. What are those two mistakes? The first one is that they often use textbook
expressions. These expressions are ones that you learned
in the textbook, but native speakers don’t really use them in daily conversation. Native speakers can understand what they mean,
but it sounds a little bit robotic or a little bit like a textbook, because that’s where
you learned it. I know you don’t want to speak textbook English. I don’t want you to speak textbook English,
so you need to do something different. Make a huge change. Let’s talk about the second mistake. The second mistake that almost all of my Skype
students make is there are a lot of daily common expressions that native speakers use
but they don’t use, they don’t know about and maybe they don’t even understand until
I have to explain it. These expressions you definitely need to know
if you want to understand movies, TV shows, communicate in a natural way, and so that
you can feel more confident because you know that you are using natural English. That’s why I’ve created this course, 50 Natural
English Expressions. I’ve made a list of all of the English expressions
that my English students don’t know or don’t use, and I made them into lesson files especially
for you. I know that a lot of you are busy. You have a lot of things going on in your
life, so these lessons you can download. You can listen to them wherever you are and
you can use it and learn it and have fun. I love hearing what members of this course
have to say about their experience. I think that you shouldn’t only listen to
what I’m saying about it, but also listen to other English learners, because they know
your situation exactly. They know what it’s like to feel frustrated,
to feel upset about your level and they also want to improve their English just like you. Let’s take a look at two people who are part
of this course. Two members and see what they have to say. I’m going to read what Vera from Brazil had
to say about her experience in the course, 50 Natural English Expressions. She said, “Well, for me, the way the course
was set up is perfect because we have the explanation of expressions, examples of how
to use them, a story to understand and fix what you’ve learned and still have the opportunity
to use them making videos or posting comments in the Facebook group.” Thanks Vera. That’s a really honest comment. Let’s take a look at what Jean-Jacques from
France has to say. He said, “Even if you are a beginner or an
intermediate English learner, Teacher Vanessa’s method is useful. You will learn with simplicity. If you want to accelerate the process of learning,
acquire the 50 Natural English Expressions Course.” Thanks Jean-Jacques, I think that’s really
a good point, simplicity. You don’t need to study really complex grammar
rules or feel frustrated and upset about complex things in English, you can learn English with
simplicity and not feel stressed and enjoy it. That’s why I’ve created this course, 50 Natural
English Expressions. I want you to be able to use these expressions
that are not textbook expressions, and that native speakers use all the time. You are definitely going to hear these expressions
in movies, TV shows, in natural conversations and when you use them, you’ll know I’m using
natural English. The confidence in speaking will grow. Right now, I’m going to share my screen with
you so that you can see inside the course and see exactly what it is. I’m going to show you the course as well as
the Facebook group that you can join to interact with me and also interact with other members
of the group. This is a great place to be able to use English
and feel secure. You can feel confident using English in that
environment because it’s a private group. No one else on Facebook, except for members
of the course and members of this group can participate and can see your content. I’m going to show you exactly what the course
is on my screen, and as well, what the Facebook group is. Let’s take a look. All right. Here, we are on my computer screen and I want
to show you inside the course. Here, we have the five different sections
of the course. I grouped these expressions into five different
sections; family, travel, food, work and education so that you can more easily remember them
in a context. You can use each expression in a variety of
circumstances. The first thing that I want you to do when
you open the course is to click on the, “Start here. How to use the 50 Natural English Expressions
Program,” PDF file. I have it already opened down here. I’d like to share this with you. Here, we have a lot of information that you
can use throughout the course. Here, we have the Facebook group link. There are all of the expressions, the course
outline, and these are some general tips for using the course. Downloading, listening, writing, speaking,
and this is a weekly study guide. In this weekly study guide, this is, of course,
your choice whether or not you want to use it, but I wanted to give you my suggestion
so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and try to learn all these 50 expressions at the same
time. I want you to take a look at this first when
you download the course, and then you will have each section. These pronunciation files, these are bonus
files that are included if you joined during the opening week or if you joined during one
of my special promotions. Depending on when you joined, you might or
might not have this pronunciation file. Let’s take a look at the first one. Let’s open up family. All right. Inside family, you will not have these here. These are the official files. These are just my practice files. You will have all of the files for family
as well as the transcript. Let’s open up number four. All right. When you click on the file, you can play it
on your computer. You can play it on your phone. You can play it on your tablet. You can play this on any device and you can
simply download it onto that device. This is the audio listening lesson, and you
can also read the transcripts. Let’s take a look at the transcript. This is what you will see for the transcript. This is an exact copy of everything that’s
in the lesson. You can follow the lesson and you can see
all of the sample sentences, the questions, the story. In the story, the word that you learned for
that lesson is going to be bold. It’s going to be bold. Here, you can see these words are a little
bit stronger, bolder than the other ones. That way, you can more easily see the expression
in the story. You have the story and at the end, I ask a
few questions. These questions you can answer in your head,
out loud or in our Facebook group. I recommend taking some time to answer in
the Facebook group so that you can participate and get feedback. That’s so important. Let’s take a look now at how you can join
the Facebook group. What is the Facebook group? I’ve got a link down here. Let’s open this up. All right, this is the Facebook group. At the moment, there are only the testers
involved in the group, but as soon as the course opens on February 5th, 2016, there
will be more members hopefully including you joining this course. Inside the group, there is a lot of information
that you can use to interact. You can tell a story. You can send videos. A lot of other English learners have posted
introduction videos and stories of what’s going on in their lives, what they’re doing. You can see a lot of interesting information. This is a safe place for you to interact as
part of our community. Thanks so much for learning English with me
and I look forward to seeing you inside the course. Goodbye.

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  7. For everyone looking for those 50 natural expressions from the title: this is just an advertisement of the course including those 50 natural expressions. They're not in this video.

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    Quel est le prix du cours ? Est-il gratuit ?
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  12. Your video is very helpful for those of us who are not native speakers and Just learning to hear native speakers speaking, if accompanied by text/subtitle. I hope in each of your learning videos to use text/subtitle.
    Thank you… I'm From Indonesia.

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  18. Can I join if my English skill is really weak. Can I email to you?I want you to advice me to improve my English.Thanks Vanessa.🙏

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