Importance of Natural Resources

[4K] Farming and hunting, survival in the forest, episode 16

It is currently the beginning of Spring Many kinds of tuber plants starts growing This place has so many yam vines Their tubers are on their stem They will grow if they are exposed to moist soil They can be harvested at the end of Autumn A few strange fruits which are often eaten by the squirrels A dry bamboo If chopped, they will be useful this night Frogs depends on the stream Hunting at night is interesting but it will be more advantageous if it rains It will be sunny tomorrow Just some food but it’s still so wonderful Maybe we need to find some more plants There are wild boars’ trace around here They eat tubers and wild banana trees It looks like itchy coco-yam tuber This tuber is eatable but it’s itchy They are reviving after long winter Another type of yam They all look alike but this type is safe when eating it They look delicious Small tubers will be kept for planting Quite nutty, it will probably ok Hope that it will rain so that the garden can get more wet

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