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25 Commonly Mispronounced Careers [American Pronunciation]

Hi, it’s me Gabby your American English teacher from Imagine that you’re just getting to know someone you’re in a conversation in English Maybe with a native speaker and they ask you. What do you? Do and when you tell them what your job is you pronounce it wrong and they don’t Understand you or worse They understand you But they don’t really take you seriously anymore because you can’t even pronounce your own job title That’s a problem and we’re going to fix it today in this free English pronunciation Lesson, I’ve noticed that a lot of English learners even advanced-level have problems pronouncing Careers and this is a very important part of our lives. We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs working So we should definitely be comfortable talking about our careers. So I’m going to help us out with 25 of the most common and difficult to pronounce career titles and I’m gonna say them at least twice So I invite you to repeat after me and I’m going to add some notes about how to pronounce them correctly I’m not going to talk about what the careers mean or what is involved in the role and Responsibility of that career. That’s something that you could look up if you’re not sure. So let’s jump into this English pronunciation Lesson together. Oh, and if you are learning English for work You should know that the wait list for my complete English course is now open you can get information about the course and learn how to join at slash Pre-reg I’ll see you there. If you’re serious about improving your English. The first career for us to practice is accountant accountants, the important thing here to note is that the second syllable is stressed and that means that the other parts of the word are weak a Countenance Accountant also note that the tea in the middle of the word is almost Silent that’s because it comes after an N It’s very common for North American English speakers to mute a tea when it comes after an N We’ll see another example of this. So keep watching administrator Administrator again, let’s focus on the stress here Administrator we actually have a big stress on min and a secondary stress later in the word administrator administrator professions often end in an a sound even though they’re spelled O R it sounds like ER and this can be a difficult sound to make make sure that you’re rounding your lips sticking them out and your tongue is in the middle of your mouth when you make this sound or Administrator but be careful that you’re not stressing this sound at the end of the word because it is never stressed Administrator not administrator. Now a lot of Medical Specialties are really hard to pronounce So I’m only going to include a few of them here, but one that I think is really fun to practice for pronunciation is Anesthesiologist Anesthesiologist is not pronounced with the typical th sound of or mmm we actually have a tea sound here even though it’s th Anesthesiologist there are many professions that end in G ist and not as pronounced just for example Archaeologists moving on someone who designs buildings is an architect Architect is also an interesting spelling because we have the CH but it’s not Architect, although that’s an easy way to remember how to spell this career Architect we have to stress the first syllable next one of my favorite professions because they make good food is a chef be careful because people often Spell this as chief but chief is very different than chef Notice that with chefs the CH sounds like an SH it’s a soft sound chef and with chief we have a hard CH sound I Suppose you could be the chief chef, but that would be really hard to pronounce next consultants Consultants, it’s not such a difficult one, but we need to stress the second syllable consultants customer service remember to put the stress in the right place here customer service customer service is a department not necessarily a career so we would say I work in customer service or I’m a customer service representative now representative is a more difficult word and we often blend sounds together when we speak quickly and say Representative, do you hear the difference slowly? Representative and quickly Representative. Do you remember what I said about a tea that follows an N in the word? Representative we have that spelling and so many fast-talking North American English speakers will cut that tea out and it sounds like Representative representative Another example of a tea becoming muted after an N is a dentist. Some people will say the tea Dentist, but some people like many North Americans when we speak quickly. We really mute that first tea that comes after the N Dentist next designer this one is not too difficult But we have to remember that the G is silent Designer next doctor or physician This is not such a difficult one to pronounce. I don’t think but this stress again is very important doctor is easier Physician is a little more difficult for xin shun I used to teach English as a Second Language to a wonderful group of students who came to the United States to study to be Engineers they were going to be either chemical engineers or mechanical engineers Engineer the stress is on the last syllable here, which is rare for English But engineer as a word actually has roots in French, which often has the stress on the last syllable engineer another career that has roots in the French language is entrepreneur entrepreneur I think this is a beautiful word. What do you think? Do you think that there are certain career titles that sound more beautiful than others tell me in the comments if one of these Sounds especially beautiful to you. Which career do you aspire to have or which career? Are you already working in tell me in the comments? financial planner or financial advisor An advisor is like a consultant and they have the stress both on the second syllable lawyer Do you notice that I don’t say? la Your if we just have the word la la W That’s how you pronounce it la but when we talk about the career, it’s lower Low, you’re not la year Which is a big mistake that a lot of non-native English speakers make because looking at the word you would think that it sounds like La you’re but English is funny like that. Isn’t it? A lawyer is also called an attorney attorney next for short we might say ite but if you need to Say it all the way out. You would say I work in information Technology information technology Now the word information is interesting because it’s actually not in Formation. It’s information information and another quick tip about the word technology is to avoid pronouncing all the vowels the same English words can be difficult to pronounce because even though you have the same vowel like an O in Technology, we pronounce it a little bit differently. We don’t say technology we say Technology, so we have ah, and uh, both O’s Technology technology and let’s compare that to the O’s in information we don’t say in for may shown we say infer may tion so we have her and uh both spelled with O’s information technology next nurse Nurse, it’s not Norse. It’s nurse almost like an ER sound nurse Manager you might add Manager to many of these titles you could be a nurse manager or you could be an accountant manager So it would be a manager of just about any kind of departments Be careful to pronounce the G correctly in manager jus it’s not your it’s a Harder G not hard as in good but a little bit harder than many of you are saying this manager math magician Mathematician is a beautiful word But it sounds like a very difficult career to me math magician a better career in my opinion is a teacher Teacher be sure to say the CH correctly many of you say it – softly t-shirt. It’s not t-shirt That sounds like a t-shirt. I am a teacher not a t-shirt teacher teacher real estate agents real estate real is stressed and Estate is not as stressed real estate agents psychologist Psychologist is a very interesting word to spell because it looks like you would pronounce that precise although just So it’s not like that at all is it? psychologist software develop for software developer statistician statistician a statistician works with Statistics remember the stress and it’ll help you out statistician surgeon surgeon Orthodontist or if we’re speaking quickly Orthodontist remember how those T’s can disappear after ends now, sometimes you don’t want to say your job title But you want to say the field that you work in So remember you can always say I work in and in the field I work in marketing. I work in education I work in sales. I work in human resources I work in construction. I work in health care and so on. So tell me what field do you work in? What is your career did this help you with your pronunciation today? Let me know how it went and thank you again for watching go natural English Be sure to click on the big red button to subscribe so you don’t miss another Excellent English lesson so that we can continue to improve Little by little day by day. You’re doing a great job, so don’t stop Let’s keep going and have an awesome day. Bye for now

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  2. My name is Carmen Aguilar and I got in the United States when I was 19 years old I didn't speak any English and Spanish was my second language and I barely got it 4th grade elementary schools in Guatemala is where I am from and since I was a kid hours thought that my dream job was an interpreter I've been trying to speak English but I still struggling

  3. I don't rlly know what I wanna be rn ( I'm only 15 ) but the only thing I know is that languages will be part of it

  4. Hi Gabrielle! I'm really blessed to learn English from you… your lessons are just amazing… we learn to correct ourselves through the teachings… & I hope your students are doing the same too… though I'm not among your students, I learned alot & I really appreciate you… thank you for the hard work that you've put through to produce this video…take care…

  5. I work in Information Technology and I want to ask, what abbreviation looks more professional for this profession (IT or I.T.)?

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