Importance of Natural Resources

22 Heart Breaking Photos of Pollution That Will Inspire You To Recycle

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  1. Guys the message of this is just please help save the world its the only planet we can live on and recycle ♻ plastic and wood and paper ? plant more trees and give to charity these poor people I'm literally crying I want my beautiful world back!!!

  2. Disgusting, I hope (because I am) that everyone is ashamed. Honestly this is terrifying and I’m praying for our earth, animals and environment

  3. Hi guys, I’m a third year environmental science at university and for my dissertation I am studying public perceptions of marine litter/pollution, microplastics and the environment via a survey (link at the bottom) and was wondering if any one would mind doing it. I would really appreciate it and the more people who do it the more representative the data is. It is geared towards a UK audience but its not a big deal (it’s just what my dissertation supervisor suggested) and you have to be 18 or over due to ethics. Thanks for reading ☺

  4. One of the keys is population control. More people, more waste. Simple. — Solution: MANDATORY STERILIZATION. Sound fascist? It is. But what's the alternative? EXTINCTION???

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