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2019 Calgary Stampede Food Tour | Best food to Eat and all The Stranger Things Stuff at the Stampede

we're here 2019 counters heavy we go in free the food some crazy stuff and I understand that stranger things will come here so there's like the Hawking State Fair kind of thing I don't know it supposed to be really cool but see how this goes tempting tempting I don't know I don't want to start with a cheer oh I need that you know I start with a bank wishing because I don't have any cash horndog Kings what do they have a corndog King all you this is we were here last year this is a big pizza corndog jalapeno oh they have the cheesy ramen corn dog here jay-z ramen corn dog we'll be back first made mini pancakes people love they both owe more loves they come across oh oh oh my this is the rainbow fish bucket beverage it's an 84 ounce fishbowl for your drinking pleasure this is the home of the $15 giant squid flamin hot cheeto Ribbit's oh yeah it's the flamin hot cheeto frog legs and curry fish ball skewers intriguing where this cookie dough last year we were split Michelle liked it I did not like it I'm giving it a skip for this year I would say so many things like there's just no way if you eat it off as you can see the weather it's not great it is not great but that's not stopping us we see worse for sure we're Canadians we've seen way worse yeah I think that's what we should be looking for we're looking for the devil noodles but we're keeping score here as we're going through and made burgers here and a crab stuffed burger that sounds pretty fantastic well this is what I've been thinking about quite a bit since I heard it was coming butterbeers soft-serve and it looks magical is it is it official freak fries footlong fries longest fries ever and you get chipotle mayo and get sour cream and cheese garlic parmesan butter chicken ranch and bacon and shock chocolate that's just wrong I think I found the first food I want to try that's right River the dream we actually just won the first place to do really good yeah the world the best like Spencer fifteen dollars when it just quoted as the backpack in the counter sent me your luck first thing yeah yeah if we're looking for the devil's ramen yeah well we'll go find it we're on a quest oh look yeah it's a strange thing stuff right on cool the holy moly yeah we'll be absolutely great on thanks guys you too how's that stranger things and deeper fried chicken skin you are try first really country the peppery flavors you bigger good fried chicken like it's that break you peel off like you know your good ol fried chicken restaurant just making sure you peel it off just savor Oh Jeff stranger things fun Fair is here at the Calgary Stampede check out this really cool mural that's that's a awesome this is a special funhouse that is just based on stranger things we're not gonna go in it tonight we'll save the surprise for another day we found some more stranger things stranger things balloon pop so let's give it a try all right first one thank you victory is it like a baby Demi Gorgon so cute and here's these stranger things fun wheel so many stranger thieves exactly really cool more evidence of stranger things taking over the Calgary Stampede and oh no the upside down is trying to crawl its way up on the spider it's horrifying it's six tickets horrifying I can't say I've ever filmed by the washrooms before but this time I am because one summer can change everything this is pretty cool guy because I have not seen any of it I think Michelle's on she stayed up late last night and started watching it so she's on episode before I'm on episode zero so I Here I am I'm filming all the stuff I haven't even seen it yet I've heard Lee takes place had a funfair they're fresh now now there are different mini donut places throughout the Calgary Stampede this isn't the one I normally get it at so we'll be will keep some traditions alive but we must find the devil's ramen where is it the devil's ramen it's kind of amazing because my favorite music in the world is highly distorted monkeys here is another stranger thing steamed right here at the Calgary Stampede this is the stranger slide strangers slide it's only five tickets horrifying they used to be really paranoid about walking underneath here because I remember as a kid the bat the bad kids would spit but today I have an umbrella so so I'm good I don't have to worry about it oh this is a traditional spot for us but it's not what I'm looking for right now the International pierogies I love pierogies taco pierogies butter chicken pierogies stay on target complete your mission need to find that devil's ramen well this is a noodle bar but but this is a parent you know they don't oh so close well this is authentic curries maybe maybe gigantic puddle yes me too multiple times they were actually giving up on trying to find it yourselves and we're just going to look up where it is hey the internet said this is where the devil's ramen can be found must be a secret menu item so let's see do let's start with a small you over you ordered the devil drama don't you love it when you're ordering something that might kill you Sippi all right here it is Michels going for the first bite yeah yeah you're not crying oh yeah they're that build can I try some big bite yeah why are you grabbing another pepper so on a scale of one to ten of the spiciest foods you've had where do you put this yeah I'm giving it like I'm five even with eating the peppers it really isn't that hot so now you know okay you're halfway through how do you feel it are you a spicy girl all right we got to get the Tokyo Street dogs because that just looks spectacular I have to have it that is a work of art thank you highly recommend come down to get the Tokyo Street dog here so completely different no it's the Japanese male that's yeah I think system a oh yeah so good oh yeah that was absolutely spectacular that Montag oh that is one of the best things like in a long long time and I'm gonna be back here not leaving until I get some of this butter beer but I think we need some more unicorn dog but not a regular car go it's more of a textural thing not like it'll be like like a hot dog with ramen like foot Brahman but there were just like bollocks Adam Brittany for the name I think any mustard I'd say on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm cheating Robin corndog I'd give it up five six tops would you would you rate that we're done yeah there you go I'd say skip it thank you that's so cool I don't okay let's find out how it tastes it looks beautiful how does it taste is it legit yeah it's the real deal okay a slight motor a little bit milder than I think what we would yeah it's cut the essence of butter but this is not a light candle of it like if you had a candle here how many frozen okay yeah it's a mild butter beer flavor it's still good start it's not great okay let's get another rain for a little while go inside well this is something new this is pretty cool you think of coming to the Calgary Stampede and having everything deep-fried but living lettuce fresh local farmers / yeah exactly right all kinds of cool stuff yeah this is really cool bakery stuff fresh bread fruits different kinds of really cool organic vegan vegetarian get recovered this is the fresh and local Farm Market come on down and see us we have 25 of the best local producers bakers growers chocolate makers we even have belt bella sausages and look at you chips so come on down and see us we're in all 8 VMO center right by the western showcase kitchen theater yes over there awesome and by the belt sign awesome thank you well this is a interesting little zone over here I'm intrigued by all of us I haven't kind of kind of do like I don't even know really what it is but I want to do it this is the play zone so okay so we're getting inside of this weird loopy thing and then we're gonna drive it like it's an old-timey train car right I'm not seeing it and my supposed to support my supposed to see oh I see okay it starts off like it's a lady or with a cloak but then it turns into like a wolf go go go go all kinds of cool hands-on stuff Oh anyone some more food over here it's wrong remember when I used to push you on this sweet Instagram is really taking over this huge Instagram area here we'll put in our pictures right here click-click so things look a little different tonight than what they did on Sunday this is the full-on show and I'm gonna take you over to the western lights group where we were working on Sunday and show you what the finished product looks like right now so this is the finished products so many really cool things yeah it's a lot of work but looks fantastic these ocean pieces by John spectacular how he captures that light going through the waves just like reality but better that is absolutely gorgeous Wow yeah so this is the finished product [Laughter] [Applause] Reese's Peanut Butter Cup covered in sugar and chocolate this good deep-fried bacon wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cup that's a winner spice let's really go to when they come back I know what authentic Chinese barbecue ribs are but I'm getting a little full a couple more maybe one more or two more sweet things at the end of the day the dessert before we go for my American friends who are watching this case you were wondering we do have some pretty serious barbecue here in Canada and these guys are always representing we I thought I've tried them both they're fantastic I mean they've got the awards it's a little bit of flexing I would say just a bit one is the loneliest number that you been yeah I don't have much room up but I had to try these sugar cereal Mimi doughnuts and it comes with strawberry whipped cream you believe it the Big Dipper whipped cream looks like the winner with their so this is it the last thing we get a nice little bucket of donuts so many things remain wanted she's on her way to come pick us up one bucket of donuts yeah they're hot like the heat coming off there is substantial well that's it for tonight we're on our way home Sherman's going to pick us up I got a bucket of donuts for her they've got this kettle corn Cowboys popcorn oh so good sweet spicy delicious well that was a super fun night I actually don't feel that bad after all the crap that I ate we'll see now I didn't weigh myself before and I said earlier in a tweet that I was gonna post about what going off the diet even for a short period of time what happens so I'll update this in the next video with yeah how much weight did I gain in just in one session anyways thanks for watching everybody it was so much fun was a lot of good food see you next time bye bye

Reader Comments

  1. You guys and your fancy plastic like money and Tim Hortons (saw some cups by the balloon darts game). Looks like a fun time at the Stampede. The art work inside looks great with the lights down low and the spots shining on the pieces.


  3. How did you spend on the balloon pop game to get that sparkly dragon? I wanna try and get a size stuffy like that

  4. On my bucket list to get there will have to settle for the CNE in Toronto next month. So many good food choices fun to try new items. I really liked that market with the different vendors & the Play area the big round things looked fun never seen those before. Beautiful artwork.

  5. Omg! This looks amazing. Deep fried hot dogs!!! Yes please! And it looks so colder there. It’s going to be 99 degrees here in South Louisiana today. Ouch!

  6. I didn't notice anyplace that sells Gyros. There is a lot of interesting things to try. I am a very picky eater; so, I wouldn't try too much. 😉 But, thank you for letting me see through your eyes. I never realized you were Canadian. 😉 Thanks for the blogs. It was really nice seeing another area and what they offer.

  7. Awesome job again brother keep up the good work! You guys did sneak a peak proud….I’m hoping to get back and check it out before it’s over…so if I don’t make it…thanks for the multi course
    Holymoly Chef menu tasting….ala Napa rose vic&alberts. Cheers

  8. Love that you guys vlog together as a family. Whats the temperature there? Michelle is looking older and older and such a pretty girl. Thanks for the vlog!

  9. Nice to see the Canadian version of a Regional Fair. We have a large one here in New England encompassing all the New England states. Very similar to ur, but no Rodeo in ours. A KETO break.

  10. I haven’t been to the Stampede in probably 35 years. I may have to plan a trip out there at some point that coincides with it again

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