Importance of Natural Resources

20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest By Primitive Skills

Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest

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  1. Great video and amazing channel!! thanks to You i inspired to make also videos in the nature! Now I have also channel of cooking in the nature

  2. Very good, he's really a smart man building house, as for me, build small house and build mud house for feeding puppies in the forest,

  3. … люблю Вьетнам , уважаю вьетнамцев …но у меня свои развлекухи – я в 13 лет , с товарищами , угнала трамвай и даже умудрилась проехать несколько остановок …😝….

  4. Как заебали со своими заработчиками,иди зарабатывай черт,нахуя ты мне это гавно в уши льешь

  5. If there is no meat in your forest try to find a better one that doesn't just have monkeys although you can eat them I dont think that's a good idea.

  6. ~shudder~ that jungle floor is ROILING with insect life! I hate when a fly gets in my house…One thing I know, If I'm ever stuck in the rain forest, I am whipping out my laptop and doing EVERYTHING this dude does! ….Nah, I would be dead in a few days…:)…I hope he finds his way back to the hotel!

  7. 7:00 lol… we actually make bender structures too at druid camp. With hazel poles. We put a looped frame extended out to form a front porch then tarp it. Realy warm when you have a burner put inside, chimney coming out through burner plate. I like your natural version 🙂 … so important and wonderful to see skill being used and kept going, thank you

  8. Thank you for sharing videos, when I saw your videos, I was very touched, you are very creative people. I feel I'm inferior

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