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16 All-Natural Remedies To Soothe Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

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  1. Does it have to be the pill form of vitamin E or can it be the bottle? Is there a big difference between the 2? I know in certain things there are a few differences, just want to check if this is one of them.

    And also, what soap is best to wash the dog with, in my case a chihuahua, before trying the coconut oil?

  2. Animax is magic so long with any topical don't let them lick it. walk them after application, lamp shade, or anything to keep them busy. Also they usually love coconut oil. Mix with food… my dog actually ate his dry food with it! One last tip GRAIN FREE. not sure why but all these breeds are having issues with the dog food… talk with your VET!

  3. Have to be careful with oatmeal because many dogs can be yeasty and oatmeal will make it worse. If they smell like Doritos or have a funky smell then that could be yeast – providone iodine (Betadine) mixed with purified water (I believe purified water if there could be an infection…regular water should be okay if not). Mixed until it is an iced tea colour. You can dab with a gauze pad, use as a foot soak or keep in a spray bottle like I go and spritz. (I sometimes spray on the gauze pad.)

  4. Add Olive oil to their food every day. If they won't eat that get some down their throats starting with 1 tsp. depending on size up to 1tlb.

  5. As a vet student I say double check your dog's basic medicals are up to date:
    This means dewormers, heartworm, vaccines, flea and tick medication. Why? All of these things prevent most common causes of itches, especially deworming. Also before bringing your dog to the vet, take note of where your dog is itching, what it looks like, how often they itch and what they do when they itch. Are they rubbing on the carpet, are they scratching with their foot, are they licking, are they biting. These can all help us because sometimes discoloration of fur is caused by the itching and sometimes it's caused by the licking and saliva. When I talk about how often, sometimes dogs or cats can have allergic dermatitis and it can be linked to the season. My friend has a pittie who sheds almost all her hair during shedding season and she itches like mad, but as soon as the phase is over, she's all good. Also note that if the wound is hot to the touch, smells funny, or the skin has thickened, the wound has opened or there is a ring formation or anything odd that doesn't look like a normal itch, please please take your dog to the vet. This is so important to do at this point because that means that natural treatments may not help your dog and that it could be the sign of a serious infection that could be highly contagious and/or a life threatening illness that could be handled if managed early.

  6. I’m at my wits end, I have a little shot I Maltese, she’s 14 now and she’s always had a greasy hair problem but I’ve always managed it with oatmeal shampoos, brushing and such but the last summer gone it got so bad she was was scratching biting and licking so bad she was just tearing skin off causing these red scabby areas. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t lay down, she would scream in pain. I took her to my vet and they prescribed antibiotics, an allergy medication and Maloseb shampoo which calmed everything down but did nothing for her bad smell or greasy hair. Then a month ago it came back with avengence and started all over again. I took her back to the vet and they prescribed priednisone and it was the worst rubbish I ever used! She was shaking a puking and sounding raspy! I had to ate her down off it but it worse the week of life! It did nothing! She stunk worse still had the greasy hair and still couldn’t sleep. So I dove straight into all of your remedies. I did all of them. Everything you mentioned. Nothing! It’s still greasy! She’s still in pain and I feel so defeated! We did

    Epsom salts
    Baking soda and water
    Lime juice
    Vitamin E creams
    Moo goo
    Wheat free diet
    Added omega three oils
    Brushing her everyday
    Maloseb baths
    Thyme soak baths
    Cold tea
    Apple cider vinegar
    Sea salt
    Bottled water only
    Grass restrictions
    Carpet restrictions
    Eucalyptus oil

  7. I bought oatmeal shampoo for my itchy ship tzu and coconut conditioner. Together once a week..isn’t working. She’s scratching and biting all over. What brand works?

  8. thank you…I'm watching my brothers dog and the poor thing is sooooo itchy. Here I go. I will try these til one works!

  9. three minutes and I am still hearing about the things you are GOING to tell me … how about you just get into it … sorry, but you lost me and the thirtieth time you told me the same things. I want the info not the intro!!!!!

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    . [] Quercetin

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  11. Found your video will try some of your tips. My dog has itching skin problems the vet now change her diet to a veggie diet, she still itching.

  12. I am seeing this 7-13-19, I am thrilled to have found this video! I much prefer natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. Have tried apple cider vinegar and water just yesterday, seems to help with the licking of the paws, which I am pretty sure is a yeast infection.

  13. My dog constantly licking and biting right where her tail starts. Not sure what it could be or what would help relieve it. Any suggestions

  14. Omegas process out of food. $4.95 for 120 Alaskan salmon oil w/omegas 3 5 6 7 9. I capsule a day on paw or food. Then every other day.

  15. Re chewing paws… Really take a close look at where they are chewing. Was fearing a fungus infection when our Gordon Setter started random chewing of front paws… it turned out to be tiny pieces of mud balling between the toes, because of the muddy spring, despite feet getting hosed off before coming into the house. Big relief that it wasn't a skin disorder.

  16. Hi my dog itches her ear all the time and it’s turning kind of rough and black . What home remedies could be good for it ? Thank you and I hope I get a feedback from you soon

  17. I. Threw out both doggie beds and went into the lining closet took out clean comforters for my two guys next. I took a Tupperware container put 2 cups of oatmeal a,d water let it soak. for awhile got a stired it a couple of times. Let it sit for a while took a sponge and soaked my itchy little guy and it seemed to work he rested comfortably all night and now I will mix some with cocoanut oil thanks for the advice. Gotta go it's feeding time at the farm hope you all well

  18. Do you have a website where you can post your information on itchy skin so we can cut, paste and save??? Cannot cut and paste from description below video! 🙁

  19. My 13 year old yellow lab. Has been itchy most of her life, but case solved finally. A lot of what Rocky says here helped her: brushing daily, adding fish oil to diet helped tremendously.
    I hadn’t added vit E, started doing that. Great tips, thanks for this.

  20. Soak oats in hot water and take the water mix it with fresh Aloe Vera pulp and use it on your pets, cats or dogs. It works perfectly , I used all type of allergy medicines and even Cortisone but this soothes the irritated dry skin better and with no side effects. Good luck

  21. I have tried all this and I was told to try CBC oil for dogs have you tried this or any of your viewers? I have all types of Anxiety shirts I can tell you the best ones to buy I have one of every brand!!! My baby does not like you to touch her skin its so itchy. co cobnut nope, oatmeal nope VETS oh please….I am at my wits end and she is also I will not drug my dog but don't want her in pain either. I would love to know about this CBC (hemp) oil… I truly have tried all you suggested in your video here and stayed with each a while to give it time to work still nothing. Help!!

  22. Eucalyptus oil is poisonous to dogs. There are other essential oils that are poisonous as well, including tea tree oil, citrus, cinnamon, etc.

  23. My dog lick skin midnight, n morning it's all red where he licks… please help n he has drandruff n some bumps that is dry n come off on the spine

  24. I heard that dogs get itchy from too fatty foods. Also sweets. And off corse never ever give dog food to cat and cat food to dog (iff you have both feed them separated)- they can loose hair for few months.

  25. Just try Dawn and vinegar on my dog bath today. I didn’t see any flea come out and the dog are hiding herself under bed for hours . First time try this , maybe she don’t like vinegar smell

  26. Great Tips thanks a bunch my poor pooch is so itchy and I can't figure out why it seams to happen most when the seasons change! I'm going to try these and pray one works!

  27. I dealt with the little patches of eczema by using eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). The effects had been awesome so I chose to further make use of the medication on my face. It decreased my skin rashes and just makes my skin really feel way more wholesome.. .

  28. You absolutely do NOT want to give oatmeal baths if your dog has a yeast overgrowth. The oatmeal is a grain and it will feed the yeast making the situation much worse! Been there, done that!

  29. Please do you know how to draw out grass, seeds naturally my pup has two swollen areas on her body I believe is caused from two grass, seeds since two weeks. Found them yesterday. Something to flush her ear where I believe it is and the other area, I'm avoiding the vet as it can be traumatising but will take her some where natural if needed what to do so worried she seems happy but it needs to be dealt with ASAP.

  30. All the recommendations you give are pretty safe and pure; HOWEVER, considering the unfathomably broad spectrum of dog breed viewers out there, 50/50 ACV:WATER is TOO potent (skin-burning; PH balancing issues getting out of whack due to potency/frequency; wiping out naturally occurring beneficial parasitic flea-eating populations on dog skin). A 1:5 ACV:WATER ratio is safe for HUMAN PH grade scalps and hair. If you have a small breed with short or thin coat, for instance, you would want to further dilute this ratio possibly as much as 1:10, or a larger thick coat breed at 1:6-7. Especially consider how frequently you give your dog an ACV rinse bath, which as a standard during flea season, could very well be weekly, maybe more depending upon severity of bodily infestation. ALSO: AVOID Pennyroyal essential oil; there are FAR safer oil alternatives for pet skin issues: Virginia Cedarwood, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Sage, Thyme….ALWAYS dilute in thin viscous carrier oils APPROPRIATE for skin absorption (Apricot is BEST or Almond or Jojoba); 1drop essential to 10 drops carrier for med-lrge breeds; 1:25 small breeds. FINALLY, dry natural pure oatmeal pulverized or powdered, as you say, would probably be safe enough but oatmeal shampoo baths? NOPE!

  31. I’m going to try the green tea for my Olde English Bulldog…& I also want to know what I can make for his face folds they are red and irritated? I changed his food to Hills Science diet sensitive stomach & skin.

  32. My dogs got moles on her back that has been itching her none stop and she won’t stop itching these moles how do I stop them

  33. I was struggling with skin rashes since I had been in my teens and right after over Twenty years, I wasn`t capable to cure this health problem. Even I’ve conferred with many dermatologists to examined what exactly I have, the thing is still appear. I immediately used eczema guidebook “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) for around thirty days, amazingly, the problem never appear for years.. .

  34. Thank you for all the great info. I adopted a rescue pup yesterday and poor girl has dry/itchy skin. Unfortunately, I can't bathe her for over a week because she was spayed the other day too. First thing I will do is try the apple cider vinegar solution and brush downs. Now.. off to watch the coconut vid!

  35. Thank you so much. This is an answered prayer. My dog was taking Apequl for the itching but it made him worse, so I told the Vet and that I didn't want him taking that anymore. So I'm trying natural ways. I noticed that he smelled like yeast. I gave him a bath and used 50/50 water/ACV. It helped some but how often should I give him a bath with this? I also have baking soda and unrefined coconut oil. I don't want to overdo it but I'm at my wits end and it bothers me tremendously that he's going through this….I need more help…thank you for your time…

  36. My dogs get affected by hotspots, itchy groin and feet. This is usually exacerbated in summer. What I use is mouthwash, Listerine etc. These are anti-fungal. Dilute in water and spray on yours dogs affected areas. This may sting them a bit, just like when you use in your mouth so try a couple of dilution strengths. The stinging does not last but it works a treat and is simple make and use.

  37. The oatmeal remedy is not good for all itchy skin problems I learned recently. Oatmeal has oats which is a grain. My dog is extremely allergic to grains & now I’ve learned potato as well. I was spending money on vet bills & Rx when I really needed to look at her diet once AGAIN. I am feeding her now a “ yeast starvation “ diet. Supplemented with no grain / no potato kibble. If you don’t look at cause, you’ll be buying $$ meds & steroids are not good long term. Apple cider rinse with her 3 x a week sulphur shampoo baths. Lavender oil mix with black tea kept in the fridge is relieving & she gets excited when she sees me pull the bottle out! She knows relief comes with that bottle?? lots of ideas for lots of different kinds of causes for lots of different breeds. It has taken way too long for me to figure out that her eye gunk, ear infection & skin itch was all related. There is a new one I’m going to try & that’s a teaspoonful of local honey. It is pretty costly here in CA but I’ve been spending tons of $ on office visits so it’s worth a try. I changed vets because I’ve learned so much from different youtube professionals & a few mis diagnosis Thx for your ideas.

  38. Just wanted to let you know, first time watching your videos and you have a natural charisma. It was like watching a show on TV, which you should be on. Just saying ?

  39. My dogs hate being brushed and suggestions how do I have to cut them super short in the winter because I hate being brush I need help with that

  40. Love the amount of research you put into to these suggestions! ALL my fur babies have had some sort of skin issues food allergies or air-born. Now I’m dealing with skin issues due to autoimmune drug suppressants because of a non curable disease. One thing I would like to mention about oatmeal is that if your pet suffers from skin yeast infection, oatmeal natural feeds yeast and as a result of these two properties on the skin, it will make the infection worse. I used dead sea salts from Israel. And like you mention, not all products are good quality so research is a must! Has anyone tried aloe Vera rinse?

  41. Great video….beautiful Blue eyes …..?
    .I have a red nose Staffordshire Pit Bull….rescue…..I took him off all grain wheat or gluten food before a trio to Vet. I make him sweet potatoes 🙂 he gives them …his skin allergies were soooooo bad all the
    Vet did was put him on Apocquel….very pricey… helps but, when im out of it he breaks out in a rash on his tummy & has a
    Cluster of raised black spots …:-(( I live on a fixed income soooooo $80. For 20 tablets is killing me. I want him to be
    Comfortable. …..he is 9yrs old…..BOW he hates baths forget showers…..he went even go out in the rain.:-))
    Any thoughts??

  42. Any ideas on how to help calm ear itching? Last week the vet gave my old dog (17-18) an ear wash (and charged an arm and a leg) and my dog’s been miserable ever since.

  43. Thank u for the info I am going to try some of them and I will let u know. I hope for my lab shepherd mix "Baby". I am all for natural. Thanks again.

  44. My boxers refuse foot soaks. My goodness they drive me ? over it! They are more stubborn than any person i have ever known ?
    Thanks for upload. Going to start trying immediately. Have already used a few but learned some new ones. Take care.

  45. Great tips! I thought I had tried everything but you had a few more. I am getting good results with Salysilic Acid or Clearasil pads. I like the pads because they are slightly abrasive but I have used the liquid on a sponge. I did find that I couldn’t bathe my dog too often, it just over dried her skin, so cleaning the worst with the pads worked between baths. I didn’t think the doggy probiotics or the fish oil in the food was doing much good until I stopped. Definitely keeping her on those!

  46. My little shih zsu has 'frito feet' because the yeast is so severe. The vet said he's probably allergic to chicken as more dogs have chicken allergies than grain allergies. Changed his food to Natural Balance fish and sweet potato and saw a marked improvement. When he starts chewing and licking his paws, or I smell fritos, I'll try your remedies to keep his OCD under control. Great video, thanks!!

  47. The only thing I've found the works for my dog is VINEGAR. Stops the rash on her tummy for 4 days. Cider vinegar diluted 50% with water, rubbed in with a sponge.

  48. Veterinarians sometimes misdiagnose a persistent itching problem as allergies when the real root cause is yeast overgrowth. Yeast feeds and multiplies with sugar and starch, so oatmeal based shampoos and conditioners will make itching caused by yeast MUCH worse. Use a tea tree oil shampoo instead. I like DerMagic peppermint tea tree oil shampoo bars. About $11 on Amazon and they last a long time!

  49. Rubbing alcohol? I am on board for all this but if your dog has open wounds or deep scratches, rubbing alcohol is the last thing you will want to put on them. They will be hurt physically and emotionally traumatized.

  50. Sir, that was nothing short of first-class. Your tips and remedies are genuine and the time you took to make this video is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  51. Yoooo,… what you got on your intro? That beat is dope!…. to the point…. Last year, I found a pup that someone had stuffed into an old pleather purse and chucked it into a beach lot dumpster. Heard her cry for help and I to get her outta there. She was tiny. Still @ a suckling age but had reached that point where her eyes began to open… No problems bottle feeding her appetite was good but maaan,… she was still in bad shape, and almost completley covered in ticks. There is only one veterinarian where Im from and hes known for putting puts to sleep because hes too lazy to do his job. So I went through a whole bunch of books and youtube videos. This was one if them.
    Had to get back @ you to say Bro, thank you for the links and info. Massive massive help bro. And ? thousand thank yous personally. You played a part in my pup's health and happiness. God bless you bro. Big time.

  52. Thanks for this, I think my dog has skin allergies that are so bad, just like Corgi Mom's. She loses patches of hair and skin, hot spots and just looks so miserable. I thought it was an allergy to grass, but now I'm not so sure. But I'll be glad to try some of these.

  53. Thank you for this video. My boxer, Blossom, we just moved to Texas and she is losing hair on her neck and a few spots on her back. I don’t see her itching, but clearly she is. 🙁
    She is 1, and our other boxer Boomer is 1 1/2, no problems

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