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101 Facts About Africa

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m going to be talking to you all about an entire continent
yes it’s everyone’s ancestral motherland Africa it’s big it’s hot it inspired
from the greatest songs of all time that I may be referencing several times in
this video what’s not to like but which African nation is known for
its whimsical coffins what’s so special about the Potomac tribe of northern
Zimbabwe let us know what you think in the poll up above and this is the movie
Madagascar like you know is it is it based on a true story just just asking
for a friend two out of three of those questions are
going to be answered so put on your safari pants to grab your boo-boo sailor
and stop an old man along the way as we count through 101 facts about Africa
number one Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in
the world it’s beat into first place in both categories by Asia because Asia is
a psycho bitch who lives with drama number two continental Africa is
surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north the Red Sea in the Indian
Ocean to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west if you can’t find it with
those directions I mean I just simply pity you number three as I mentioned a
little while earlier Africa is big the Continental mainland and adjacent
Islands measure in at roughly thirty point three million square kilometers
that works out at around six percent of Earth’s total surface area and whopping
twenty percent of Earth’s total land area yep that’s right one in five places
is Africa number four despite being the second
largest continent Africa actually has the shortest coastline due to its
distinct lack of peninsulas and rough edges around its continent or mainland
it’s completely smooth baby number five Africa also includes a Madagascar and a
number of other smaller island groups known to highfalutin science people as
archipelagos number six Africa is also the most centrally located continent in
the world as it has land both along the equator at zero degrees latitude and the
prime meridian at eight degrees longitude
sadly the Prime Meridian I just mentioned is an entirely arbitrary
contrivance that could have been placed anywhere so theoretically South America
could have been the world with centered continent you got lucky Africa number
seven there are numerous theories regarding the origin of the word Africa
but be the most widely accepted
interpretation is that Africa derived from a free a Latin term referring to a
native Libyan tribe that was generally applied to all people living in land
south of the Mediterranean number eight in the early Mesozoic era roughly 250
million years ago Africa was fused together with other continents as part
of a huge supercontinent called Pangea over millions of years this Pangaea
broke apart into smaller chunks much like a doomed horror movie search party
would number 9 Africa is widely accepted to be the point of origin for Homo
sapiens if you don’t know what they are by the way you’re looking at one well if
you’re looking at a human that is evidence suggests that the first Homo
sapiens emerge in central Eastern Africa somewhere between 200,000 to 300,000
years ago and there was much rejoicing I can imagine I mean humans were gone to
everything up but at the time I’m sure everyone was delighted number 10 in 1974
scientists discovered roughly 40% of the skeleton of a female hominid in Ethiopia
who would have lived roughly 3.2 million years ago the individual of the species
oh dear okay let’s give this a go Australopithecus afarensis was nicknamed
Lucy Lucy came from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles which was played
repeatedly an expedition camp on the night of the discovery these first
modern humans began to leave Africa somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000
years ago moving into Europe and Asia early humans slightly x2 the African
continent either across the Sinai Peninsula straight to Gibraltar the
Strait of Sicily or across a 30 kilometer wide stretch of water at the
opening of the Red Sea could bab-el-mandeb number 12 the pharaonic
civilization of ancient egypt wrote in North Africa somewhere around 3300 BC
and constituted one of the world’s earliest and longest lasting
civilizations the ancient egyptian state continued until its later stage in 43 BC
number 30 at various points in time the varying periods
pre-colonial Africa was home to as many 10,000 different states and polities
examples of major kingdoms and civilizations include the Lubar state
the songhai empire the kingdom of Aksum and the great zimbabwe empire number
fourteen between the 7th and 20th century is the Arab slave trade toucan
summated 18 million slaves from Africa to the Islamic world African slaves were
used for labour household help agriculture or to be used as soldiers or
concubines number 15 the more widely known transatlantic slave trade took as
many as 12 million slaves to the new world between the 15th and 19th
centuries slavery was officially abolished rather British Empire in 1833
and the Thirteenth Amendment which formally ended slavery in the United
States was ratified in December of 1865 number 16
however Europe wasn’t done harassing the entire continent of Africa yet during
the late 19th century the mated European imperial power was thought it would be a
great idea to colonize and occupy basically all of Africa thereby creating
numerous colonial territories from which Europe harvested resources and
systematically subjugated the native African population this was known
somewhat euphemistically as the Scramble for Africa and it was very very very
very very bad number 17 this process was formalized through the Berlin Conference
in 1884 285 which established various rules and regulations for European
colonization and trade in the African continent which predictably had zero
African inputs this convergence of dust the old euro knob heads was convened
because of fears that unregulated annexation various chunks of Africa
could lead to disagreement and possibly wars between the European powers how
civilized of them number 18 the only two areas of Africa that were not violently
oppressed by the aristocratic European douche bags were Liberia and Ethiopia
then known to Europeans as Abyssinia number 19 since the era of colonialism
many African states have struggled with instability corruption authoritarianism
violence and war the vast majority of African countries are at least nominally
presidential republics but very few have actually managed to sustain stable
democracies for very long funny what centuries of oppression by evil foreign
powers will do to an entire continent number 22
today Africa contains 54 fully recognized sovereign states more than
any other continent including hits like Nigeria Egypt Somalia and everyone’s
favorite bad boy Kenya number 21 Africa also features a number of territories
belonging to other countries including but not limited to the autonomous
Spanish cities of biota and Melia the island of réunion
which belongs to France and the British Islands have sent Helena Ascension and
Tristan da Cunha Tristan da Cunha happens to be the most remote inhabited
place on earth located around 2,000 kilometres from the nearest inhabited
land Saint Helena and 2,400 kilometers from South Africa the nearest
continental land number 20 to Africa also contained several de facto
independent states that are either partially or entirely unrecognized this
includes Somalia land a region in Somalia that has declared independence
from Somalia and the Sahara we Arab Democratic Republic a thin strip of land
in the disputed region of Western Sahara number 23 the largest country in Africa
is the most the Arab state of Algeria which covers a large area of North
Africa measuring it at around two million three hundred eighty one
thousand seven hundred forty-one square kilometres over 90% of out here is 40
million citizens live along the country’s Mediterranean coast mostly
because the rest of Algeria is literally just a big chunk of Sahara Desert number
24 the largest country in Africa used to be Sudan until the country’s lower
sub-saharan population split from the rest of the country to form South Sudan
via referendum in 2011 taking around a third of Sudan’s land with it now Sudan
sometimes called North Sudan is only the third largest country behind Algeria and
the Democratic Republic of the Congo number 25 the Seychelles are sovereign
states made up of over 100 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean or
thematic Gasca is the smallest African country the sum total of the country’s
islands measures up at around 1455 square kilometres which is just under
0.02 percent as large as Algeria number 26 the Gambia is the smallest mainland
African country we’re just surrounded entirely by Senegal apart from an 80
kilometer long west coast line it follows a Gambia River roughly 320
kilometers inland before Senegal takes over number 27 the small nation of
lassoo – which happens to be an enclave that is surrounded entirely by South
Africa is the only country on the planet that sits completely above 1,000 meters
in elevation giving it the nickname the sky Kingdom number 28 at 587 thousand
and 41 square kilometers Madagascar is by far the largest island in Africa and
is also the fourth largest island in the world it mostly hangs out off the east
coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and it’s home to over 26 million people not
only that Monegasque is a biodiversity hotspot as over 90% of its wildlife is
found nowhere else on earth number 29 beer – will is an area of land
covering roughly two thousand square kilometres between Egypt and Sudan that
is unclaimed by either nation constituting the only place of unclaimed
land in the world outside of Antarctica as such several people around the world
have it jokingly attempted acclaimed beer Tawil but due to it being little
more than a super remote area of hostile desert no one has taken such claims
seriously that’s it I’m climbing beer to whale and renaming
it Lorentz yeah you’ll be my queen Jennifer hurry girl it’s Wayne in there
for you number 30 Africa is also the world’s hottest continent a locality in
Ethiopia called Dalal holds the record for the world’s highest average
temperature for an inhabited location when an average annual temperature of 34
point 6 degrees Celsius or 94.3 degrees Fahrenheit – American folk was recorded
between 1960 and 1966 that’ll make you bless the rains down in Africa number 31
Africa also contains the world’s largest hot desert known as the Sahara a word
derived from the Arabic word for desert so the phrase the Sahara Desert actually
means the desert desert said desert desert covers an area of roughly 9
million 200,000 square kilometers which is roughly the same size as huge
countries like the United States or China
number 32 though many believe that the longest river is a certain River in
South America that shall remain nameless traditionally the Nile River is
considered to be the longest river in the world the Nile is thought to be
approximately 6,800 53 kilometers and runs through 11 African countries before
emptying into the Mediterranean at the Nile Delta in Egypt Nambu while it’s not
individually the highest or the widest waterfall in the world Victoria Falls on
the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is indeed the largest waterfall in the
world based on its combined width of around 1708 metres and height of 108
meters creating the largest sheet of falling water on earth just don’t go
chasing it now stick to the rivers you used to yeah number four the largest
lake in Africa is Lake Victoria which is found in the great lakes Reed
with a surface area of approximately sixty eight thousand eight hundred
square kilometers Lake Victoria is also the world’s largest tropical lake and
the second largest freshwater lake in the world after Lake Superior in North
America number thirty-five lake retba is a lake in senegal located roughly 30
kilometers northeast of the capital dakar on the tip of the Cape Verde
Peninsula it’s also known as Lac rose meaning pink lake going to the fact it
happens to be bright pink this is caused by particular species of algae the
releases of red pigment to assist in absorbing light number 36 the highest
mountain in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro a dormant volcano in the eastern African
nation of Tanzania that rises like Olympus above the Serengeti its
elevation of five thousand eight hundred ninety five meters tall makes it the
fourth highest mountain on earth allowing it to be capped with snow man
glaciers despite its relative closeness to the equator number 37 the nations of
Africa cooperate with each other through the African Union which is headquartered
in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa in case you’re wondering by the way the
African Union was established in 2001 Morocco withdrew from the African
Union’s predecessor the organization of African Unity in 1984 following the
acceptance of the Sarabi Arab Democratic Republic at a member state however
Morocco was readmitted in 2017 number 38 several countries in the east
of Africa namely Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda and Burundi are planning to merge
into a new country known as the East African Federation if this plan
successful it would create the 11th most populated nation on earth number 39 the
continent of Africa is home to a total of roughly 1.2 billion people accounting
for about 16% of the world’s human population number 40 between 1950 to
2009 the number of people in Africa grew from 221 million to over 1 billion
people meaning the population quadrupled in less than 60 years number 41 the most
populous country in Africa is Nigeria with over 193 million inhabitants
that’s enough for roughly seventeen and a half million football teams were
leaning over life with an estimated population of 12 million people Cairo
the capital city of Egypt is by far the largest single city in Africa Cairo has
had a fascinating life so far from it in ancient Egypt for its time in the
ottoman empire – a crazy little thing called the arab spring you may have
heard of that number 43 Africa has the youngest average
population of all the world continents with over 50 percent of Africans under
the age of 25 in 2012 the median age was 19.7 compared to the worldwide median
age of 30 point 4 number 44 the most popular sport in Africa is football or
for our Yankee Doodle viewers soccer which is brought to the continent by
British colonists the most successful African national team is probably
Cameroon who were the first African country to reach the World Cup
quarter-finals in 1990 number 45 the largest religion in Africa is Islam
which is followed by the vast majority of the Arab people living in the north
followed up by Christianity in second place following that of the followers of
traditional African belief systems and a small number of religiously unaffiliated
ethan’s number 46 there are at least two
thousand one hundred languages spoken by the people of Africa with some estimates
burning closer to 3,000 languages number 47 Arabic is the most widely used
language in Africa spoken by between 140 and 170 million people primarily in the
siharan countries of North Africa other common languages include Swahili French
English Howser Berber Portuguese and Spanish number 48 there are more French
speakers in Africa than in France which is a fun little fact if you want to wear
up how that happened which is through hunches of gears of a European
oppression oh dear number 49 similarly the southern African nation of
Angola has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal number 50 according to the
Guinness Book of World Records the country with the most official languages
is Zimbabwe with an incredible total of 16 number 51 southeastern Africa is the
only place on earth with languages that feature quick continents most famously
languages like cosa which I cannot say properly because I cannot pronounce
click consonants number 52 a number of African words have also strode their way
into the English language these include classics like banjo Cola coffee jazz
and zombie sounds like a Saturday night for me number 53 the second Congo war
which lasted for eight years between 1998 and 2006 claimed almost
five-and-a-half million lives making it the deadliest conflict since the Second
World War conflict ultimately involved nine African nations
as well as about twenty armed groups number fifty-four the Parliament of
Rwanda is the only governing body on the planet in which women outnumber men with
almost two female MPs for every male 1 I would punctuate this fact when an
enthusiastic appeal for girl power but sadly the female majority in Rwandan
Parliament is due in part to the effect of the Rwandan genocide which the
majority of the victims were men number 55 nigeria is home to a huge film
industry that often ranked as the second largest in the world by sheer volume of
films made with bollywood in first place while hollywood cries in third the
Nigerian film industry is called Nollywood because because of course it
is number 56 Egypt is known all over the world for
its incredible pyramids but it isn’t the only country with a passion for
polyhedra the Republic of Sudan actually has over 200 pyramids far more than
Egypt has though they are quite a bit smaller number 57 the very first
president of Zimbabwe was called cane and banana yep president banana his wife
Janet took his name when they married in 1961 and I really really hope they wore
pajamas to bed number 58 the official title Ugandan dictator an all-round
maniac Idi Amin was his Excellency president for life field marshal Alhaji
dr. Idi Amin Dada VC DSO MC Lord of all beasts of the earth and the fishes of
the seas and conquer up the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda
in particular suppose you predict a tu can wield that kind of power over people
to make them say that long thing every time they see you number 59
so boos at the second was the king of Swaziland for 82 years and 254 months
the longest verifiable monarch reign in history throughout his life he had 70
wives 210 children and over 1,000 grandchildren number 60 there’s a famous
image of the Hambridge of Nelson Mandela created when he accidentally placed his
hands in black paint when he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper the
depression in his palm an almost perfect silhouette of the
African continent number 61 Grusha Michelle is the only woman to have been
the first lady of two separate countries as the widow are both former South
African president Nelson Mandela and Mozambique and president some more on
Michelle number 62 the internationally famous football
striker Didier Drogba is so beloved in this native country of the Ivory Coast
he was able to instigate two ceasefire during the nation’s bloody civil war
that left hundreds dead after Drogba had led the Ivory Coast to qualify for the
2006 World Cup he went on national television and begged for the combatants
to lay down their arms which within a week they did he has since continued in
his efforts to bring peace to his country number 63 Africa is home to the
world’s largest land animal the African elephant which is known to inhabit 37
African countries sadly the African elephant is listed as
a vulnerable species by the WWF owing to the fact that some humans for some
reason desperately want to make knickknacks out of their teeth
Nintendo 64 more Africa is also home to the world’s tallest animal the giraffe
which he lives in various parts of sub-saharan Africa but Arafa is also a
vulnerable species and is already extinct and at least 7 African nations
number 65 the world’s fastest land animal the cheetah also lives in Africa
the cheetah will generally run speeds at 40 miles per hour in the average chase
but it’s been recorded at speeds of up to 61 miles per hour a speed that has
likely been surpassed outside of human observation number 66 Africa it’s also
home to the world’s largest reptile the Nile crocodile which lives in shocker
the Nile are you noticing a pattern here by the way Africa is filled with the
biggest fastest scariest animals on earth the worst we have here in England
a pigeon squirrels and particularly bad-tempered badgers number 67 the
gorilla which can be found in jungles across the African continent is the
world’s largest primate honey I thought it was my mother-in-law
I don’t have a mother-in-law number 68 Africa also has over a quarter of the
world’s bird species which seems unfair stop walking all the birds Africa number
69 Lake Malawi contains more species of fish than any other freshwater system on
earth stop hogging all the fish Lake Malawi number 70 despite hosting all
manner of terrifying superlative beasties none of the animals are
previously mentioned so far is the deadliest animal in Africa that honor
goes to the hippopotamus which kills more people in Africa than crocodiles
and lions combined that’s right the hippopotamus is more dangerous than the
croco lion my horrifying crocodile lion hybrid that I created just to play God
number 71 owing to decades worth of paintings literature TV and films many
people expect to find Tigers roaming through the jungles of Africa relaxing
in the Sun stalking prey and getting into finger-snapping West Side Story
tale territorial disputes with lions and cheetahs however this is all absolute
because Tigers are only found in Asia not in Africa number 72 the Serengeti
a geographical area and ecosystem located almost entirely in Tanzania
hosts the world’s largest wildlife migration on earth known unimaginably as
the great migration each year 260,000 zebra 470,000 results and an incredible
1.7 million wildebeest journey in a clockwise loop around the region
following the availability of grazing it’s estimated that around a quarter of
a million wildebeest dying for year while making the journey as a result of
hunger exhaustion or just getting straight-up eaten number 73 nearly half
of all were gold ever mined has come from one place an area in South Africa
known as Witwatersrand which literally means white water bridge gold is so
abundant of Witwatersrand that the South African currency the rand was named
after ex-im Schumer visa was Danny Rand protector of Callan and sworn enemy of
the hand number 24 in 1972 a pocket of uranium in the Western African nation of
Gabon was discovered to have undergone self-sustaining nuclear fission for
hundreds of thousands of years making it the only known naturally-occurring
nuclear reactor number 75 the oldest surviving pair of socks were found in
Egypt which date back to the fall century they’re bright red and have
split toes as they were designed to wear with sandals oh sorry I’ll just check in
my mouth a bit number 76 the oldest mathematical object ever to be
discovered it is the lam Bombo bone which was found of the limb Bombo
mountains of Swaziland it’s a short section of a baboon leg bone with a
number of regular notches cut into it and is thought to date back to
approximately 35,000 BC number 77 the San people of southern Africa today are
known to use the same general set of tools that have been found in caves
dating all the way back to 44,000 years ago well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
number 78 the west african city of Timbuktu and Mali is occasionally
referred to as the parrot in the medieval world owing to its ancient
intellectual culture in recent years thousands of medieval manuscripts have
been unearthed there including poetry by women innovative scientific discussions
and legal reflections number 79 the flag of Mozambique features a red triangle on
the right side containing a yellow star it looks lovely huh emblazoned over the
star are images of a book a farming hoe and an ak-47 assault rifle this makes it
the only national flag in the world to feature a modern firearm which I’m not number 80 prior to the violent ousting
of Moammar Qaddafi in 2011 the flank of Libya was just green I cannot give a
more detailed description than that it was literally just Green number 81 the
flank of the Ivory Coast is often confused with the flag of the Republic
of Ireland owing to the fact that it’s essentially exactly the same but with
the green and gold columns reversed number 82 the Liberian flag is well
known for its striking resemblance to another perhaps more slightly famous
flag the Liberian flag differs from that of its American counterpart in that it
only has 11 stripes and one star whereas the American flag has 13 stripes and 50
stars the reason their flies look so alike is because the nation of Liberia
was primarily made up of former African American slaves and their free black
descendants who returned to the African continent rather than live him at the
extreme racism common in the United States at the time the name was
specifically chosen to reflect this as it comes from the Latin libor
meaning three number 83 the African Renaissance
movement in Senegal is a huge bronze statue that depicts an African family
standing resolutely on a mountaintop looking westward towards the sea
the muscular father figure is holding his wife beside him as he triumphs but
he lifts his pointing baby in the air the statue which a forty nine metres is
taller than the Statue of Liberty was designed by Romanian architect and built
by a north korean company that has created similar not at all subtle
monument in a number of African nations number 84 the siRNA and mercy people of
southwestern Ethiopia are probably the most famous practitioners of the lip
plate the women of these tribes place increasingly large plates in a hole
pierce below their lower lip until they can fit a saucer sized plate in the hole
the largest lip disk ever encountered belongs to an Ethiopian woman whose
labial bling measures an incredible 59 point five centimeters in circumference
and nineteen point five centimeters in diameter number 85 a single Kenyan tribe
called the Callen gene is known for producing most of the world’s fastest
long-distance runners a number of theories it’s been raised as to why a
single ethnic group that constitutes less than 1/10 of a single percent of
the human population dominates most of its long distance races such as living
at relatively high altitude or having thin legs but all of these explanations
also apply to the other groups in that region number 86
banane a tiny country in West Africa record more birth of twins than any
other nation at twenty seven twenty thousand births almost double the global
average number 87 despite the fact that Nigeria is a republic
there are over 150 regional Nigerian Kings who derive their stages from the
independent states and communities that existed before the country existed in
its current form one of them Joseph Edo Sein king of a Sabha used to be a
professor at the University of North Carolina number 88 this also a group of
immaculately dressed Congolese men through a known for donning brightly
colored tailored suits for comporting themselves with impeccable manners and
gentlemanly conduct they call their group less ape an abbreviation of the
phrase society day and the uncurse head of Hassan’s elegance which means society
of ambience makers and elegant people in French this trend has its origins in
French colonialism because well well yeah of course it does number 89 in the
West African nation of Ghana death is often viewed as the beginning of the
afterlife which should not be mourned but celebrate it as such a popular trend
developed in the country which involves being buried in elaborate novelty
coffins examples include coffin shaped like
animals aeroplanes mobile phones cameras coke bottles and even a giant chili
pepper number 19 the nation of Zambia in southern Africa had a space program at
the height of the space race several decades ago started by schoolteacher
Edward Machuca looky-loo so in 1964 the team was comprised of himself a teenage
girl and two cats Nicole ooh so called the team the afro
noughts well well done well done number 91 there’s a small but passionate
subculture in Botswana of so called cowboy metalheads
who blend heavy-metal with traditional African music and dress head to toe in
black studded cowboy outfits hardcore number 92 there is an isolated tribe at
the canyon the region of northern Zimbabwe called the ver DOMA who are
known as the ostrich tribe this is owing to the fact that the substantial
minority of their population only have two toes known as ectrodactyly in those
who have inherited the condition the middle three toes are missing and the
two outer toes are turned in the prevalence of ectrodactyly in the tribe
is thought to be a defect caused by the small gene pool as tribal law prevents
them from marrying outside the tribe number 93 the 7th of October 2014 was a
very important day for the nation of Somalia as it was the date upon which
the east african nation first welcomed its very first ATM number 94 george
lucas film several teams for star wars in the tunity and sahara desert
snidely’s are set to being slowly devoured by moving sand dunes or hate
sand I don’t like sand it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets
everywhere number 95 in South Africa it’s perfectly legal to attach
flamethrowers to your car as a preventative measure against carjacking
apparently the general feeling in the countries that if you attempt to steal
something you have completely abrogated your right not to die in a fireball
number 96 the popular senegalese american R&B singer Akon owned a diamond
mine in South Africa his involvement in the industry has drawn criticism owing
to its association with blood diamonds referring to conflicts and wars
connected to the illegal diamond trade Akon has claimed that his mind in
particular is fully legitimate and that he donates profit from his investment to
local communities number 97 American guitarist seastoke
Rodriguez quit music in the mid 70s after the commercial failure of his two
albums released in 1970 1971 after which he worked in several low-paying jobs for
the next 20 years unbeknownst to him his music had become extremely popular in
South Africa this is documented in the 2012 documentary searching for sugar man
he only became aware of his overseas fame when his daughter found a website
dedicated to him soon after he was performing in front of thousands of
adoring fans in South Africa for one of his records and calm platinum number 98
in 2009 when Zimbabwe was experiencing extreme rates of hyperinflation the
nation issued a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar banknotes roughly equivalent to
30 American dollars at the time it also meant that pretty much everyone in the
country was both poor and a billionaire at the same time yay number 99 South
Africa was the only country in history to dismantle its nuclear weapons program
in the name of world peace three other nations Belarus Kazakhstan and Ukraine
have also surrendered their nuclear arms but did so only because their nukes have
been inherited from the now-defunct Soviet Union which they didn’t have the
ability to control and maintain oh my god in 2003 someone or something stole a
Boeing 727 from an airport in the Wunder in Angola authorities believe that two
men one American one Congolese took the plane but passed that no one has any
idea what the hell happened to it that fight alone probably means it’s crashed
in the ocean somewhere maybe now a fish slips in it or something I don’t know many people throughout certain areas of
central in Eastern Africa bro distinctive beer that’s made from
bananas though the beer is bottled and sold commercially by a few companies
homemade versions of the beverage are used in culturally important occasions
like weddings Christmas and other ceremonies of the drink to that although
not banana beer that’s disgusting what can I say I hate bananas anyway that was
101 facts about Africa did you find an interesting let me know in the comments
down below also what do you want to see let me know that in the comments down
below – in the meantime though here are 2 videos you are really going to enjoy
trust me on that or your we’re not your money back can
pay anything so but just trust me on that
ok alright bye

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  10. My geography teacher at libiri secondary school' or palace) that is located near the catholc church in the kingdom of buganda. Every westerner who visits africa for one month writes a book. If you guys ever seen a video of a female ugandan woman kansiime, they both had the same accent. And she was as equally funny as kansiime. Heralding from a tribe on the border of Northern Rwanda and southern Uganda.and uganda. Bakiga Now we have moved to you ytbe channel everyone is an expert on africa except thevafrican man who was born and raised on the african land. They even now copyright our lauguage words talk about culture crook raiders.

  11. The world's fastest animal is actually the eliphant shrew being able to run at the speed of a cheetah but reach speeds of 80mph

  12. Well i'm from the Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland), and some details about the late King Sobhuza 11 (fact number 59) are incorrect. He actually ruled for only 61 years (1921-1982). He actually lived for 82 years since he was born on the 22nd of July 1899 and died in 1982, but the rest of the facts about his many wives and royal offspring are correct.

  13. Here's a extra fact, it was inspired by Toto's hit song and fans liked the song so much, they made it into a real place.

  14. #101 facts about cats all over the world and 101 facts about dogs all over thw world pls and thx love this xo

  15. If the British pricks just stayed away from Africa this place would have being much better off. But instead the snobby queen wanted more power.

  16. Fact 102 – North Africa continent is slowly splitting in to 2 separate land masses Ethiopia Kenya and Tanzania will be a separated from the rest of Africa if the ridge between them and the rest of Africa keeps on growing, currently its estimated that the ridge is growing by 2 meters a year.

  17. why speaking too fast? who else thinks this guy speaks way too fast for no reason? and also he thinks he is funny?

  18. so according to you everyone comes from africa.
    so, europeans ancestors comes from africa, so, europeans has just as much right to africa as the ones living there. so, they were just claiming what was their right.
    so how about that?

  19. Notice when the bad earopeans left the Congo they killed 50 million of themselves.If the French stayed there this wouldn't of happened and Africa would of been more prosperous.

  20. It's bad for an African like Akon to own a diamond mine in Africa. And fair for France, Italy and The UK to invade lybia kill the president and then take the oil

  21. Somalia ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด

  22. Iโ€™m really ashamed and sad that some Somalis identify themselves as Arab. And how many Snapchat friends I have that are clearly medium skinned but make their bitmoji white or tan like???… who taught u to hate yourselves ๐Ÿคฏ you should be happy to be black itโ€™s a blessing โœŠ๐Ÿพ

  23. Afri is a name given to the lybians. Tell that to some people who say north africans are not africans cause we are not black. They might have to look for a new name for themselves.

  24. #102….the Ancient Egyptians of Africa gave us the Calendar system that we use nowadays. Right from accurately dividing the day into 24hrs…..FYI

  25. 19:10
    the nile crocodile is NOT the largest reptile. It is not even the largest crocodile. The nile crocodile can grow to 5 and a half meters, while the saltwater crocodile can grow to six meters.

  26. As an African, I approve of this video

    As a Zimbabwean, eish you had a lot to say about us but that's alright. That's alright๐Ÿ˜…

  27. am from africa , zambia its a very good continent ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€who helse here is from africa

  28. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaQqaAAAaaaaaqaqaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaAAaA____–__

  29. I don't understand how Africa's government could be so bad but is. Couldn't the people just overthrow I mean it would be a while since stability bit still.

  30. 1. Jenkum. A fermented brew of human piss and shite which is huffed to get hi'. One of very few of Africas only contributions to humanity. True.

  31. Disclaimer-i will murder every soul that says Africa as a group were totally different people for example im Libyan and im white and im African and theres Zimbabwe and there black and countrie traditions are different

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