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10 Inventions To Save Planet Earth | Unveiled

Top 10 Inventions That Could Save The Planet Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is Unveiled, and today we’ll be counting
down our picks for the top 10 inventions that could save our planet. Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more
clips like this one? And ring the bell for more fascinating content! For this list, we’re looking at the most
promising creations and ideas that could help prevent climate disaster. #10: Pollination Drone Pollinators, including bees, wasps, and butterflies,
are a vital part of the planet’s ecosystem, responsible for maintaining the plant life
we need to breathe. But climate change, coupled with the widespread
use of insecticides for farming, is putting the world’s insects at risk. In the event of a worst-case scenario, some
scientists in the Netherlands have been working on ground-breaking pollination drones, able
to fill the shoes of bees everywhere should the fabled “insect apocalypse” come to
fruition. While losing our pollinators would be a tragedy,
hopefully, the drones will enable more threatened species to survive climate disaster. #9: Coral Reef Cooler The coral reefs have become a prominent issue
in the fight against climate change, as the Great Barrier Reef dwindles and dies. The death of the reefs puts the tropical fish
species living in them at great risk as well, along with many ocean creatures who rely on
the reefs for food. But one engineer based in Arizona, Mo Ehsani,
may have found the solution to coral bleaching. The reason for coral bleaching is primarily
rising sea temperatures, so Ehsani wants to install large pipes to pump cold water from
the ocean’s depths up to the reefs to cool them down again. Then, they can start to heal. #8: Paper Upcyclers With deforestation only increasing, it’s
in everybody’s best interest to cut down on how much paper we use. Printer manufacturer Epson is leading the
charge in this regard, with their new PaperLab. This machine can be installed in offices,
banks, schools, and other businesses to allow people to reuse their own waste paper. The machine upcycles it and spits out fresh
sheets, giving users a potentially infinite supply without chopping down any more trees. While the PaperLab machines are currently
very large, in the future perhaps we’ll have smaller ones in our own homes, drastically
reducing the demand for paper. #7: Air-Ink When Indian inventor Anirudh Sharma realised
the soot in Mumbai’s polluted air was staining his clothes, he had the idea to recycle the
exhaust fumes themselves and use them for something completely different. He created start-up Graviky Labs and invented
a filter able to capture 95% of carbon soot from any vehicle that produces exhaust fumes,
which he then turns into art supplies. These supplies, called Air-Ink, include spray
cans, oil-based paints, and pens. The products quickly earned over $40,000 on
Kickstarter, much more than their original $14,000 goal, encouraging artists globally
to try and tackle air pollution in this unique way. #6: Ecocapsules With the popularity of micro-homes and unconventional
living spaces booming, the Ecocapsule is a green initiative for those most dedicated
eco-warriors. While typically costing nearly $100,000 it’s
not a cheap option compared to mobile homes or camping, it certainly adds a degree of
luxury to battling the climate disaster. Powered by rooftop solar panels and a wind
turbine, the capsules look like eggs and can be installed almost anywhere. In the future, company founder Sona Pohlova
wants to create capsules capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and conditions. With the ecocapsule, the world is literally
your oyster. #5: Thermal Hydrolysis Just like every other creature on Earth, humans
produce waste, but there are ways to use this waste to our advantage. Thermal hydrolysis involves boiling sludge
in order to sterilise it, so that it can be used as fertiliser or even to generate electricity. As well as sewage the process can also use
food waste or industrial waste, using extremely toxic materials and sterilising them so they
can be recycled. It’s better than conventional sewage treatment
because it’s cleaner, healthier, and cheaper in the long-term, and apparently it doesn’t
smell quite as bad as sewage usually does. #4: Water Vapor Aeroplane Another way to combat air pollution is by
getting rid of pollutants altogether. While electric vehicles are getting more and
more popular, German inventor Josef Kallo is aiming to change the face of aviation. He has plans to create an “air taxi”,
an electric plane that runs on batteries and water vapor, called the HY4. It is a passenger aircraft which is completely
carbon neutral, and Kallo is aiming to get them installed widely in Germany before moving
on to the rest of the world. The HY4 gets us one step closer to sustainable
transportation and a carbon-neutral society. #3: Ocean Cleanup Few causes have received as much attention
as the polluted oceans, and there are numerous initiatives to try and clean the seas. The largest of these is the Ocean Cleanup,
which promises to build an enormous, floating pipe to gather (and get rid of) pieces from
the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now at least three times larger than France. On a smaller scale is the Seabin Project,
founded by Australian surfers. This device also collects trash from the sea
and can be installed in any body of water. A company based in Chile called BUREO is combatting
ocean waste by recycling it into skateboards and sunglasses, while Floridan company Saltwater
Brewery is creating edible six-pack rings, to lessen the threat to sea life. #2: Multi-Purpose Solar Panels Solar panels are a great thing but installing
them can be very expensive, meaning there are lots of people who aren’t reaping their
benefits. Multiple companies are trying to put solar
panels on as many surfaces as possible, though, so that everybody can use clean energy. Initiatives include making windows out of
panels to power whole buildings, as well as phone screens so you rarely have to charge
your devices. Most interesting is the Solar Roadways scheme,
which aims to give entire highways a solar surface, though these are proving tricky. Conventional panels are also being upgraded,
with MIT recently trialling bacteria to conduct electricity and drastically improve their
efficiency. #1: Alternative Plastics There’s no denying that plastic is a major
pollutant, and decades of single-use, disposable plastics have wrought havoc on the natural
world. The problem is that plastic is very effective
as a packaging, container or material, so people have been trying to come up with alternative
options with all the benefits but none of the problems. Agar is an eco-friendly packaging material
that might take over from plastic and paper, and Indonesian company Avani Eco have worked
out how to make plastic out of cassava vegetables. Finally, scientists working in Japan recently
discovered the enzyme PETase, capable of breaking down plastics to their raw components so that
they can be recycled. So, maybe the future will be plastic-free,
after all! What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, check out these
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Reader Comments

  1. I have a solution, why can't all the humans just be gone at some point.
    I'm saying this because we are the reason the planet is dying

  2. Climate ALWAYS changes. It is a fact that nothing stays the same, ever. The problem here is that these terms have been put out of context and has become a political ploy for power leverage. Nothing creates obedience like telling someone that they are doing bad. it really is the biggest lie

  3. You can't control the climate. What was once the sahara will one day be rainforest, animals migrated, evolve and die. Why is this so hard for idiots to understand.

  4. Great work, I'd like to see a video about if we fixed climate change what would happen. I guess that was just a video where humans disappeared…

  5. i’ve said it once, i’ll say it a million times again. the oil industry OWNS us. they control a huge chunk of the US economy, and the produce unprecedented numbers of air pollution and other things destroying our planet. the oil industry needs to be cut to out of normal every day transportation, and turned to only big machinery and other things that require gas. the electric industry could thrive and be so much cheaper if the oil industry didn’t own us. and the rich control the government, so of course they won’t let anything happen to it.

  6. Nothing can save our planet. Only the mass extinction of human beings can allow the planet's ecosystem to heal.

    Let's start by genetically sterilizing 99% of black women in America.

  7. The planet is fine, it's not going anywhere, it doesn't need saving. The current life forms on the planet? Not so much!

  8. Is there anything you missed?
    Ummm… Yeah?! Like, what about plant based meats, or at least lab grown meat? Our meat (and animal products) consumption is one of the leading causes of climate change, deforestation, species loss and habitat destruction. I'm a little shocked you mentioned that we need to cut back on paper usage, but didn't mention that we need to cut back on meat consumption drastically aswell? Much more trees are being cut down for animal agriculture than paper! And we could tackle this by switching to plant based meats! There are a lot of very tasty products. There are also many inventions going on there. Just saying…

  9. We don’t have enough money. I suggest hyper inflation. Have the world governments print out more money for these people who will save our planet.

  10. If mother nature is going to change man can't do squat about it. And the climate has changed often in the last 4 1/2 billion years.

  11. The Greenies that think climate change is caused by mankind,
    do the right thing by the planet!
    STOP BREATHING your polluting the planet with your CO2 emissions!

  12. You know what’d be great a massive solar flare that wipes out all electronics…how about a video on that?

  13. It won’t make a difference if you cut down the South American rain forest, it’s one of the earths biggest co2 sinks

  14. The one thing that will save our planet is the extinction of humanity. The Earth would then cleanse itself and life would start all over again. From what I have seen, all climate change proposals have only the U.S. doing anything about it. China, the biggest polluter, won't be doing anything. That is why it is all a big hoax to take our wealth and redistribute it around the world. Nice try, not buying it!

  15. The world is literally your oyster 3:30 – figuratively, not literally. The world is not ACTUALLY your oyster. Literally = actually, figuratively = figure-of-speech.

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