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中國第一部水下生態紀錄片,震撼!The First Chinese Underwater Ecology Documentary, impressive !

The ancient village Xu Jia Yuan in the Lake of Thousand Islands Underwater wrecks, underwater Great Wall The entire pyramids in Fu Xian Lake “Underwater China” is the first documentary, in China and the world Which presents and explains China from an underwater perspective Underwater documentary in terms of difficulty lies at the top of the pyramid The original intention of “Underwater China” Is that China does not have an underwater documentary of our own Foreigners know more about China than us And I couldn’t live with that We spent 2 years and 7 months shooting the footage And cut it into 6 episodes Each theme represents a natural landscape underwater in China Starting from the Chang Island where the Yellow Sea and the Bahai Sea converge South to the South Sea of China East to the Orchid Island Episode one “Dark Caves” Is about the underwater world in caves Most were shot in Guangxi Province The classic karst formation is fabulous underwater Jiu Song Cave, we threaded through the needle following the guideline Cave exploration is the most difficult of all Close environment It’s impossible to escape once you are in We found a very rare phenomenon Hanging stalactite flowers on the side of the cave “Underwater Lost Cities” From the earliest underwater ancient city in Fu Xian Lake To the ancient villages sunk by earthquake

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Visibility comes down to zero underwater From the sleeping Lion City in the Lake of Thousand Islands To the ancient city buried to build a hydro project which later became Lake of Thousand Islands More than 200,000 residents had to migrant to other places It hosts the story of ordinary people We found a building called Yu Qing Tang in the lost city The owner of Yu Qing Tang told me in private That he had a wish Which is to take a tile from his old house The house is kept intact underwater The tiles lie in neat lines Just as the moment sixty years ago when they sank This Arch of Charity and Piety is the only one arch underwater in China Whose brick and wall structures are still intact Pan Jia Kou Reservoir Is the only spot where you can make intimate contact with And cross the underwater Great Wall In “Underwater Wrescks” We came to the earliest wreck found in China — Bai Jiao No.1 in Dinghai Wan To the modern artificial reef wrecks For the protection of the sea In an effort to show the changing wrecks and their changing function The last episode “Underwater Granaries” Is about human No matter it’s underwater buildings or underwater creatures That we focus our lens on At the end of the day We want to understand the past of Chinese I was really touched by Zhou He is a simple man who is father to three children And he has been doing this out at the sea for two decades Harvesting seaweeds And his hands are out of shape because of that Everytime his biggest daughter video chats with him She’d cry when she sees his hands We enjoy the resources of the sea Without knowing who is doing all the work I grew up in a city of mountains in Hunan Never saw a sea before university I started diving in 2011 I went for a vacation in Cairns in 2012 When I saw the most beautiful reef — Great Barrier Reef I was amazed by the underwater world I didn’t know that in the past 30 years of my life And that inspired me Half of the time in a year I spend underwater, to film, to take records And we went to many depopulated zones In 2014 I was shooting in Cuba There was no signal After 8 days I called my mom for the first time And she said, can you just let me live? The shooting of Underwater China started in February 2017 Throughout the shooting We were faced with many difficulties, such as equipments and funding We are probably the first in China To use red epic w 8K movie-level camera underwater So we were able to record clear, rare scenes Like coral spawning It happens for 20 minutes a year And you have to wait a whole year if you miss that Some compare “Underwater China” with “The Blue Planet” In which ways we are not as good “The Blue Planet” belongs to the world But “Underwater China” is the only one in China That shows Chinese our own homeland And meanwhile arouses more interest to the underwater world

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