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「新加坡必去」 世界第一雨林動物園 |The World’s Best Rainforest Zoo Singapore ft Lindatea TV & Aura Hola

Hey guys I am chat Today I am going to bring you guys to.. hahahah two of them just rolled their eyes at me This is Aura Hola This is Linda from LindaTea TV Don’t at my face I just woke up Today Aura came to Singapore for her trip So I will bring you guys to the Singapore Zoo Miss Aura Pretty lady~ Hey hey so we just reached the zoo I realized there’s a place for us to take nice photos Aura: Chacha come here, quick! I am in my own world Yes definitely Why are you blocking Linda? Hey guys remember to follow me on YouTube I am chat from cha cha tv chacha tv is so noisy, can we put her aside? ignore her ok guys I am gonna bring you all to the place I just mentioned long legs leh get stuck Many tourists were taking photo of it just now all of a sudden it is alone now can y’all see its face looks sad

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  1. 嘿嘿嘿時隔3周終於發佈新影片啦!之前一直在忙學業TuT
    大家喜不喜歡中途那隻可以讓我們非禮的小白鼠?XD 小白鼠原來超級乾淨的!

  2. 才发现原来有很多动物我没有看到哦。新加坡动物园真的好大。话说上一次去得时候走的好累~~

  3. 那隻是獵豹,園方正常來說都會控制每隻動物的營養量,如果餵得太好對動物是種負擔~

  4. 我很喜歡妳這channel的特色是「亂七八糟的歡樂感」,哈哈哈!都不知道妳們在high什麼,但就會覺得很想一起笑!!!

  5. 那個是獵豹,cheetah。世界上最快的陸上動物。體積是自然保持在非常苗條的身段。它唯一的武器就是快,在非洲大草原裡肉食類動物,它身形屬最小,地位最低。往往幸苦捕獵來的獵物會被別的獵食動物搶走而無能為力。它也是瀕臨絕種動物之一。

  6. 两个小姐姐都好漂亮,一个御姐范,一个小萝莉。以前总觉得马来西亚华人肤色比较黑,这个小姐姐完全不一样呀!

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