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Нет выбора редакции Windows 10 при установке. Решено

Hello! When installing Windows 10, usually
 you can choose the edition user can choose
 what to install .. Windows 10 Home
 or Windows 10 Pro however, the editorial selection window
 does not always appear if on your computer or laptop Windows was
 preinstalled by the manufacturer .. then this window may
 not appear and is forced
 factory edition we’ll solve the problem in the video,
proceed … Usually, you can select Windows edition
 after clicking on the Install now button or after that
 window.. where we are offered type
 product key and where most users click
 on button: I don’t have a product key if you immediately got a window
 license agreement .. maybe you have already reached the window
 selection of installation location it is obvious that in this case, the window
 choice of Windows edition will not appear doing
 following.. right here in the
 Windows setup.. no matter
 what window is in front of you .. press simultaneously
 Shift and F10 keys it opens
 Command Prompt.. I switch to
 English usually it
 Alt Shift combination and type.. notepad.exe I press
 Enter notepad started
 I’m typing here .. left square bracket
 further Channel .. close the right square
 parenthesis .. I press Enter
 for line feed and type here
 Retail the text is printed, now you need
 save this file correctly for this
 I click File .. Save as… first choose the right place
 where to save it for this you can click on the button
 This PC or click here
 on the drop down list .. and choose
 This PC is here going down
 below.. as i said at the moment
 I booted from a flash drive on this flash drive I need to save the file,
which I just printed Need to find
 this flash drive .. here in Explorer we see
 all drives and partitions .. available on this
 computer let’s start
 from below .. Boot (X 🙂 is a virtual partition that
 formed as a result of loading from a flash drive this is the shell in which
 I am working now.. i.e. shell
 Windows setup in this case, she us
 not interested A CD drive is a physical drive,
 which is on this laptop .. in fact it
 DVD drive My files are a section on the hard
 drive of this laptop Local disk
 marked with the letter E this is a partition on your hard drive
 which is installed .. operating system
 Windows in this case, the shell assigned
 the letter (E 🙂 and not (C 🙂 .. as it happens in the established
 operating system all listed sections
 we are not interested further we see here
 here is such a section .. which is marked
 ESD-USB this is the boot
 flash drive.. if you created a bootable flash drive
 using the Media Creation Tool whoever you have here will be the same
 label, or very similar .. above there is still a bootloader section
 Reserved by system but, in this case,
 it also not interested open boot
 flash drive .. for this I clicked on it
 and click the Open button if you, when creating a boot
 flash drives, did not change anything .. that is, you have a flash drive for one
 Windows bit depth then you have right here
 the sources folder is visible which we
 and need .. that’s how it will be
 to look like if you, when creating the boot
 flash drives, chose both bits then the sources folder
 you will not see here here are two folders
 each for its capacity I did
 exactly and you see what i have
 x64 and x86 folder you need to open the folder with the bit
depth, which we are currently setting that is, chosen at the beginning
 Windows installation I chose
 bit depth x64 .. and correspondingly
 open this folder highlight
 and click Open inside the sources folder
 also open it this is where you need to save
 created file Here is the attention!
 The first thing to do .. this is in the Save as type field, I click
 on the drop down list and choose
 All files like this sure to check
 encoding .. below.. click here
 and check .. to select UTF-8
 without specifications now print the file name
 in English letters .. click here and type
 here is a name .. ei.cfg check that there are no errors,
 otherwise it will not work I checked, click
 Save we can now verify that
 the file was saved correctly .. for this, click again
 File – Open … now we have opened
 desired sources folder .. and we just choose
 here: All files and look at the letter
 “e” English here is our file with the correct
 extension close
 all windows .. notepad too
 close close
 command prompt and Windows setup
 also need to close click here
 Yes now just click again
 to the Install now button .. and opened before us
 Windows edition selection .. you can select
 edition .. and continue
 installation .. If to create a bootable
 flash drives with Windows 10 .. you used the popular
 Rufus program .. and, in the process of creation, did not change
 flash drive label on your own .. then in explorer you will see
 a label similar to this one .. creation process and
 save the ei.cfg file similar to how we
 already reviewed of course create such
 file can be in advance for example immediately after
 you created a bootable flash drive .. that is, from under
 Windows for this, the flash drive must be connected
 to your pc or laptop I connected
 flash drive .. autostart works for me
 i will close this window and I will open
 File Explorer here is mine
 flash drive create a text document, you can do
 it’s right on the desktop if you have hidden file extensions,
 like mine here now .. it’s better to do
 their visible .. for this I click
 Organize .. select Change folders
and search options.. I turn to
 View tab .. I show an example
 Windows 7 .. go down here
 to the very bottom .. and shoot here
 this checkmark .. Hide extensions for
known file types press
Apply OK extensions
 appeared .. I open
 file.. and here I print the same
 in English.. see other text options in text
 version, link in the video description the text is printed, now you need
 save the file correctly .. I press
 File ->Save As … in explorer i choose
 flash drive .. everything is similar to
 as I explained .. if we install x64 version
 then open this particular folder .. and open inside
 sources folder we will keep
 directly to this folder .. in the Save as type field, click on the
drop-down list and change to All files further, encoding
 change to UTF-8 Now I click in the File name field
 and print the file name .. ei.cfg I press
 Save Text Document
 can close .. now let’s check
 Is our file in place .. open the folder
 sources drop to the letter
 “e” English and we see that file with
 proper extension after that you can use
 USB flash drive file creation theme
 configuration .. and in general, automatic settings
 Windows installation .. not exhausted, considered
 us, a simple example can be made so that
 Windows was installed .. practically without
 user presence .. if the topic is interesting, support this
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see you!

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